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I was talking to my cousin about a potential pointe class at her dance studio. She is already in the class, and says that they really don't use pointe shoes. She says that they dance in ballet flats for most of the year, then tack on the pointe shoes just in time for the summer performance. This really worries me. This studio, supposedly one of the best in our area, seems to be slacking off quite a bit. If their standards are that low for their 'advanced' dancers, what will the intermediate classes be like? Should I just change studios?

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That doesn't sound very wise to me. Left to my own designs, I have taught beginner's pointe class which started the year on demi-pointe, but about December, everybody went to full pointe. The students still weren't ready to perform in shows on pointe for about a year, but they were much stronger when they did. This was after a period of "introduction to pointe" at the conclusion of regular technique classes.

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Thanks for replying so quickly, Mr. Johnson. Since the pointe classes are so sketchy, would it just be better to go to a different studio? Or invest in private lessons? Any advice is welcome. :)

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If, INDEED, that's the way of this class, I'd find someplace else. You will work better in a group environment. I don't believe in open-ended "private lessons". Coaching must have a finite and foreseeable near-term goal, like an examination, or a specialized role.

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Totally agree that it sounds like you need to find a better school. The one you describe is not a serious ballet school.

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I have not been to many other studios, but it sounds like what you're describing is like our beginner pointe classes. Except that the beginners get their pointe shoes in January/Februrary and they do not perform. They have a normal technique class, that focuses on ankle strengthening. Fifteen minutes after class they do some excercises to strengthen toes and balance, to get them ready for real pointe work. You may want to ask your cousin how many years she has been on pointe and if there are other pointe classes. As many dancers do, she may think she is more advanced than she actually is. To get a good idea of how advanced the dancers get at her studio, you may want to watch a video of the end-of-the-year perfomance or any type of annual performance the girls participate in.

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Actually, sugarplum, the answers and advice for this problem have been given by the moderators, and I think we made it clear that the school in question is not suitable for classical ballet training.

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