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Amy just got her new tutu on Friday and is absolutely bowled over by it. Previously she has only ever had a Wear Moi one and then a couple that I made (they did look OK even with my sewing!!) but this is her first "proper" tutu and she was stunned - she thought they had sent her one for a ballet company by mistake!! Then she burst into tears she was so overwhelmed with it.


I've put some pics online - www.dancerscorner.co.uk/hidden.html as it's easier than emailing pics to people!


We were showing it to a friend at dancing on Saturday and she said that she had considered buying her daughter a Rozz (??) tutu from Australia when she was a bit older but they were very expensive (Amy's was amazingly under £200 including shipping from Russia!!) but she reckoned they would be £400-500.


I was intrigued so went online to search for their tutu's but I can't seem to find them - does anyone know the company name/address - she definately said Roz not Ross but I've tried that as well and still can't come up with anything!


I'm just being nosey but wondered what their ones were like.




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Mandy - that is a very pretty tutu. Your daughter looks wonderful in it and you both should be very pleased with the results. Congrats

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Thank you for the link - I've been on - they have some lovely tutu's but yes, are a bit expensive by the time you add in decoration probably.


Thanks Gracey - it is truly stunning - the pictures don't do it justice at all but it still looks amazing!!


I am putting together an order for a few people at dancing as the prices go up 20-30% on Friday and a few people are looking for tutu's so am combining it for everyone (saves on shipping as well!!) so when the others come through I am going to take some more pics of them as well!!


Thanks again




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