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Gone Off to College

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Well, My kiddo's gone. I didn't cry when she left, I was very happy because she was so excited. Her classes start tomorrow. It seems to have come suddenly(all of a sudden). It's the start of a new and exciting adventure. It feels very weird. :) Oh oh, just got a phone call that they may have them evacuate tomorrow with the possible hurricane (Florida). I'd rather have business as usual. Too much excitement too soon.

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PK, I'm sure there are many others who feel all the ambiguity you feel right now and more as the next couple of weeks see many more off to college. Knowing your wonderful daughter, I am sure she will have a successful college experience and I hope you will share some of her impressions along the way with us here! :party: And, I REALLY hope that they don't have to evacuate so quickly after getting settled in! :o

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