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Does anyone have any direct experience with this school? A friend casually mentioned that her neices went there on very generous dance scholarships. I'd never heard of it. The website seems to indicate that "modern, jazz and ballet program are equally strong." I guess that could mean "equally bad" but I'm up for more information ... anybody?

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When I used to live in "Jax" over 15 years ago, I remember Jacksonville U. was a small private college. I'm unsure if it's still small (and it was very small compared to the other surrounding colleges and universities nearby).

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Maybe one of the mods can change the heading on this thread, as the name of the school is Jacksonville University. I visited their site, they have both a BFA and BA in dance, but not much info on the faculty. The dance program is accredited by the NASD.

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Thanks, Taradriver. Yes, I meant "Jacksonville" - and I fixed it now. Maybe the correct name will rustle up some replies. I did examine the website info but there wasn't much there. :D

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Happy in Md - I agree, the web site isn't very informative. But there seems to be quite a bit of scholarship money there; financial aid is one of my first "stops" on a college website. The college doesn't sound very small any more, must have grown a bit as there appears to be a thriving Greek community.

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Okay, we got a DVD in today's mail. The program looks very modern. Of the four pieces on the video only one is ballet and it's not the best one. There's a snippet of a couple of students, too, and one insists on camera that the faculty will accomodate those who are "more ballet" or "more modern" ... but the finished pieces they chose to highlight the program (on the video) look like there is clearly a stronger emphasis on modern. To me. This, despite the heavy "classical ballet" background that seems to describe the faculty.


FWIW. :yes:

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Maybe a visit to the school will help you sort it out. Talk to all the dance majors you can.


If a visit isn't in the offing, I have found emailing the department chairperson can be helpful. The fact that the ballet on the DVD wasn't terrific isn't necessarily the fault of the faculty. The quality of the student ballet dancers varies from year to year, especially in smaller programs. Modern could have had stronger students.


Still, you wonder why they would try to underwhelm you, eh?

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My child is currently a student at JU majoring in dance. We are very happy with her experience so far. Here's what I know:


This is a rapidly developing program. All faculty are competent educators with extensive successful professional careers. The primary focus is ballet and modern. Jazz is also required but with lesser emphasis. The first class of MFA in dance students graduated last year. The graduate students all do residences at the university and work with the undergraduates as part of their work. Frequent guest artists work with the students. This week Stacey Tookey will be there. There is both a BFA and BA dance track. Areas they need to work n include dances support services such as physical therapist and food service that is friendly to dance/rehearsal schedules.


IMHO this is a university that is worthy of checking out for any college bound dance student.

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