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What do you think of black tights

je danse dans ma tete

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I am really still new to ballet. I was wondering if there is something wrong with wearing black tights over the leotard for women. I see people do it often, but one teacher told me it is an ugly look and should be banned. It looks ok to me, but I have not the ballet eye as yet.


Please tell me your thoughts- is it "wrong" to wear black tights?


Oh, and I also see some people wear pink or white tights over leotards too, but not commonly.

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It's camouflage. Black hides a multitude of sins on the legs and feet.

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Personally, I wear black footless tights over a leo and another pair of tights because I feel a little naked in just pink tights, even with a skirt. That and I usually wear 2 pairs of tights anyway - sometimes it's pink over tan with a leo on top, but the black tights over is generally easier.



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I used to ALWAYS wear black tights, because I thought it made my butt look smaller. :blushing:

I thought pink ones would make me look like a big, pink piggy or something! :D


But then I had to wear pink nylons to model some leos for a friend (who imports lycra products) and found out I actually quite liked the look of it!


Since then I love wearing the "classic" combination of pink tights with a black leo, it doesn't make me feel self-conscious anymore at all.

Actually I think I look (and definitely feel!) more balletic that way, perhaps simply because the look is associated with perfect-looking balletdancers! :P


(Also, I found that black doesn't *always* dress down: I'm not sure why, but my black unitard made my hips look HUGE... :huh:)

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I am one of those who thinks black tights make me look bigger. My black unitards are ok, but I like pink tights and leos. The one thing that slims me down with black is wearing black shoes that continue the line of the leg.

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Pink tights under leotards are classic and feminine.

Lots of people worry about their thighs or posteriors showing in these. Lots of people should worry less.


Black tights over leotards are a little more edgy and certainly are a more neoclassical look. People often feel more secure in this combination regardless of how it looks on them.


Pink tights over leotards and black tights under leotards are really alarming combinations. I can't really explain why I feel this way. :D In any case, they are not ballet looks and they are not flattering on anyone.


Just my two cents!

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I wear black tights or leggings over leotard - mainly because I think my legs look like tree trunks in pink, and partly because dragging them on over the top of the leo somehow seems easier in terms of taking the tube to class and changing.

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Very few women over 25 seem to wear just pink tights and a leotard - where I do classes anyway. I'm a footless black tights woman myself - at some point I just felt too huge and too old for the RAD exam look. But I probably would do the pink tights thing again if I lost a few pounds. It does make you feel very neat and tidy and like a good dancer.

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Mel is spot on. The older you get, the more you like black colored clothing. Hides a lot, as most people would agree that black or very dark colors makes one appear smaller than white or very light colors.

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I am old and big and I wear pink tights or black or white depending on what is clean. I am of a size that black isn't going to keep anyone from knowing just how big I am, so I enjoy wearing the classic colors the same way that I used to enjoy wearing high heels. Wearing flats wasn't going to keep any secrets for me either.

I think it is more about how you hold yourself in whatever color you are wearing.

I was, however, horrified one day recently to find the only things clean to wear in my drawer were black footless tights and a pink leo. It is a terrible combination. I was glad to have a pink and black mixed color skirt that day to disguise things.



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I'm sure you looked fine, Laschwen! :sweating: Oddly enough, I think one of my better class looks is a pink tank leo, black footless tights over the leo and black chiffon skirt. Sometimes I feel kind of pear-shaped, and the black on the bottom seems to even me out, visually or maybe just mentally. :P

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Guest tutuonmymind

Okay, I couldn't resist. Considering I have a dark complexion, pink tights definitely are a change of tone for me. However, I remember taking class as a kid, and I always work pink tights. As an adult, the studio where I take class allows us the option of wearing black tights, but I still stick with the traditional look.


I just bought three or four new leotards (all black, but different styles - tank, camisole and sleeves) and three pairs of pink tights. I don't know why, but I can't bring myself to get black tights. I may have to step out one day, but for now I am sticking with pink. Oh, and I always wear the tights under the leotard.

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I agree that black is typically more forgiving and flattering on many figures but I thought there was a reason that many teachers preferred pink. I'm under the impression that pink makes it easier for the instructor to see body placement and the use of leg muscles. Does anyone know if this is true?

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I'm not sure if it's true about seeing the leg muscles, but it makes sense to me. I can see things in the mirror when I wear them that I never notice with warmups or black tights. I don't know if a professional teacher could tell placement, etc. without them though.


Personally, I despise black footless tights. I think they make me look short and stumpy. I'm only 5'1 so I need all the help I can get. :innocent: Whereas black leo, pink tights, pink shoes seems to make my legs look longer. I'm 27 if that matters. Not too terribly self-conscious about my body, even if it isn't flawless. And trust me, it's not, lol. All of the hardcore "regulars" when I dance tend to wear pink tights. I rarely see black other than on men or newbies, or those people who kind of float in and out of class.


However, I am desperately coveting the leo and stirrup tights that the dancer on the front of the Discount Dance catalog is wearing. :shhh: Even though I know it would look ridiculous on me. I think it looks really nice on her though.

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