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The Rock School vs. Boston Ballet School (Year-Round/Winter Programs)

Ballet Obsessed

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I might be having to move to Philadelphia soon, and I was wondering how good/bad Boston Ballet School compares to The Rock School year round? I know this is a very "narrowed" topic, but I'm VERY concerned about the level of ballet in The Rock School vs. Boston Ballet School. :D Any information you have would be greatly appreciated, whether it is from SIs or the year round program! :P (If it would help with information you would be giving me, I'm in the "intensive division" at Boston Ballet School) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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I'm sorry, but we don't allow direct comparisons of schools here on BT. Feel free to post specific questions about the Rock on the thread already open and then it is up to you to make your own comparisons and decisions. :D

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Hello Ballet Obsessed, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :o


We are sorry to have to close your first post on our boards, but as balletbooster stated above, it's just something we do not do here. But there really is a LOT of information on both schools here. Just go the SI forums and to the Pre-Professional and Residency Programs in the Career and Higher Education Forums. The schools are listed in alphabetical order in those forums. :P

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