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first ballet class ever =)


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I had my first ballet class ever today (im 18) Im a really shy person so when we all had to introduce ourselves i was super nervous haha but other than that we just went over the basic postitions today for the arms and legs. I think im going to really really enjoy this and hopefully ill be a little more comfortable soon. Im just scared cuz theres a lot of people who have taken ballet before (its a college class) and only a few who havent but i really hope I love it as much as I think I will. Im so nervous though!!! :D

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I took my first ballet class a year ago at age 19, also as a college student, though not through my college. Now I'm obsessed! :clapping: It's so much fun, even starting at our ancient age. ;) Best of luck to you in your ballet endeavors!

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I started ballet at 18 (about a year ago) and I also used to be a really shy person. I mean really shy, like a spent the first class just sat at the back watching eveeryone! After a year of classes I'm definitely coming out of my shell and loving every minute of it. I think the confidence comes with doing something you really love and feeling a bit proud of yourself. Don't worry about other people knowing more than you, they know you are a beginner and expect you not to know anything. Just enjoy it!


Good luck and let us know how you progress!

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wow i posted this almost a year ago. :thumbsup: I love ballet more than ever now, im still dancing at my college and I just started at a local studio =). I Told my ballet teacher Id really like to be able to dance pointe someday and she told me that she will work with me then and help me to reach that goal =). Im so excited thank you to everyone on here whose given advice! Im so glad I started dancing last fall and I plan to continue dancing for as long as life will allow me too, dancing is very much home for me =).

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