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My school has orientation for two days next week, and unfortunately that coincides with the start of dance. Orientation ends at 4 one day and at 5:30 the next, so I would miss class both days. I already emailed my class dean and he said that I could leave at 3 the first day but the second day we would be going on a trip somewhere so I couldnt get picked up early. I really don't want to miss ballet the second day because we have auditions for the Nutcracker that Saturday and I need to get back into shape, plus I don't want the first thing on my teacher's minds to be that I skipped class! But my parents are really wanting me to go to orientation. I know there's nothing anyone can do about my situation, so I'm just wondering what people would do in my place. I'm feeling really conflicted, so any advice is appreciated.

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What I would be inclined to do would be go to the first ballet class, but not the second. (school does take priority) however what would be a MUST is talking to your teacher at the end of the first class. Explain that you will not be their the next day. Say why, so they know you are not missing for no reason. If you let them know in advance, and apologize, they will be less likely to think that you just 'skipped' class because you felt like it.

Good luck!

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I would first ask how important is this "orientation" thing? Are you in a new school? First time in high school? Then it is probably important. If it is all stuff you already know, then it's a waste of time. Figure out the priorities, and then deal with it.

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You might also see where you are going on the field trip and see if you can be picked up early (if your parents are willing) from the field trip location. It is very possible that the last hour of the day is going to be spent in travel back to the school, so picking you up at the field trip site will likely mean that you miss only the last hour or so of the event.

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