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Ballet Schools in CT - Southern or nearby NY State


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hi! my family just recently moved to New Fairfield, CT and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good ballet schools in the area. I've heard of Logrea ballet school and westchester ballet company in ossining, ny but thats too far of a drive on a daily basis. So does anyone have any suggestions/ recommendations? Thanks so much. -Ballet4ever1

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How far are you from Torrington, CT.?

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Okay, good. Go there. Nutmeg Conservatory. An hour drive is fairly typical these days for good training.

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SOPA, The School of Perfoming Arts in New Milford, is soon going to merge with a new school, Fine Line Theatre Arts, which is founded by Elizabeth Parkinson and Scott Wise. Both Wise and Parkinson are Broadway dancers, also trained in ballet. They have a professional staff, and will bringing alot of guest artists. Also, the SPOA teachers are still there, and they have been quite successful in training dancers. One of their students has just joined the ABT studio company.

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I live in the fairfield area, I know of 4-5 schools in Fairfield/Litchfield CT and a few in Westchester.

Nutmeg Ballet in Torrington- the best in Litchfield, really CT"s only professional ballet boarding school

Ballet School of Stamford- good teachers, professional Balanchine Nutcracker production, guest teachers from NYCB

Greenwich Ballet School - New school run by teachers Sara Knight and Michael Shannon, although this is by audition only and there are only 3 levels offered so far because the school just opened this summer

Ballet Etudes - Norwalk, CT- faculty from ABT, send students to top SIs


In Westchester:

You mentioned Logrea, which seems far from Fairfield. I'd say that you're more likely to find a good CT school, most prepro dancers I know in Westchester commute to NYC.

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Fairfield and New Fairfield are in opposite directions. New Fairfield is near Danbury, New York border, and Fairfield is on the CT coast. Stamford is a ride because there is no direct route from the Litchfield County area, and any time after 2:00 in the afternoon you are in for a long ride to Stamford. As I said in my previous post School of Performing Arts/Fineline Theatre Arts is an excellent school with very experienced faculty.

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Thank you so much for your help!

I think Stamford and Greenwich are a little out of the way/ farther than my parents can take me because they both have to work, etc., but I've been looking into SOPA in New Milford and it looks pretty good!



Does anyone know anything about Ridgefield Conservatory in Ridgefield, CT?



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Hi. I've never posted anything before....really not so computer literate. But, I've used this site for so much useful information. I may be able to help Ballet4ever1, and I only hope I'm doing this right.


I live in the same area. When we moved here 4 years ago, I began the same search. At the time, SOPA looked hopeful, but I thought they closed for a little while just as we were getting started. (I think they are back in good shape with new studios, but I don't know much about them.) The Ridgefield Conservatory was brand new at the time. Reputation was my number one concern. We ended up at Logrea Dance Academy, which is the school for the Westchester Ballet Company. as a temporary fix until we could find something local. We've been commuting ever since, and can't imagine going anywhere else. It is 45 minutes from me - Nutmeg is over an hour. Both Logrea and WBC have websites, but I don't have a clue how to link you to them!


If you want something closer, look into "The Ridgefield School of Dance". My DD took some classes there between the end of Logrea's season and the beginning of her SI. The also have a website - be sure to include "the" at the beginning of the title, or you get the Conservatory. Be careful about that commute - it is 35 minutes, but traffic is terrible. I'd rather my regular 45 any day than to sit on Route 7 endlessly.


Sorry this is so long, but I've done a lot of searching over the past few years...I guess someone should edit me? Sorry!

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Hello jvonsc, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :) Your post is not too long, and certainly most helpful. We are glad that you have decided to "de-lurk" and become a member!

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By the way -- Welcome to New Fairfield!


Thanks. I'll probably go back to lurking - I'm so bad at this...but the ballet school search up here is very difficult.

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You are just fine at this, jvonsc! Please don't go back to lurking! :)

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OK - thanks for the encouragement. I know I've had so many of my own questions answered, so here goes...

In case you are still wondering about Logrea....www.logreadance.com is the school site.

www.westchesterballet.org is the ballet company. Please come see the Nutcracker in White Plains - all the info is on the website.


You asked about The Ridgefield Conservatory. It is run by James Roby, who has also started at least one dance company in Ridgefield during the past few years. I didn't choose it mostly because of differences in style and schedule (number of classes recommended for her, etc.) I wanted to continue with a school as close to the one we were leaving as possible. Remember, the Conservatory was also brand new at the time...

I think most people around here drive to the Ridgefield Conservatory, although I'm not sure why The Ridgefield School of Dance is less known. The Conservatory has a company, though, which is a plus.

The only other "local" ballet school I know of is Newtown Center for Classical Ballet. Also a little over a half hour away (without traffic!) and the director runs a small dance company.

We drove to Nutmeg a few years back. We liked the school (of course) but the traffic on I84 can be scary and I need to count on a finite drive time for the sake of my other kids. All the other schools mentioned (in Fairfield County or the Hartford area) are very far away, well over an hour and a half to 2 hours -- although I looked into all of them.


I'll stop now, unless you have a specific question I can help you with from my extensive file on ballet schools!


Good luck Ballet4ever1!

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