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My understanding is that Arlene and Barbara still teach the advanced levels, though they do not run the school. It is run by Elizabeth Parkinson, an immensely talented dancer in her own right.


I was curious as to what the overall perception of the school, and its training, is? (Many dancers/families believe they are at the best school until they find out otherwise. A case of "you don't know what you don't know.) It seems that, with the exception of The Nutmeg, FineLine is the only quality ballet school in the NW part of the state. My understanding is that The Nutmeg is strictly Vaganova, whilst FineLine teaches a combination of Vaganova, Cechetti, and Balanchine styles. Many of the advanced FineLine dancers are accepted into the top SIs, several with scholarships. It's not strictly a pre-pro school, as that is not every student's desire, but there is a pre-pro program for those who choose to pursue it.

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New England Academy of Dance in New Canaan- ABT certified teachers. You will not find a more loving, nurturing environment and excellent classical ballet training.

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Recommendations for a school for serious male student near Newtown, CT? Any current opinions? The previous posts are pretty old.Thanks in advance.

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Hello all! Is anyone familiar with Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance in Ridgefield, CT, or Westchester Ballet Center in Yorktown, NY? I'd be grateful for any insights into either studio. Thank you!

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Does anyone know of a school that would allow a 10 year old to drop in for a couple of classes in/around Stamford? I will be visiting family and my daughter is missing 2 weeks of ballet due to the timing of spring break- not ideal! She's an advanced beginner at a pre pro school where we live, normally trains 3 days per week. I am not picky about the class as long as it gives her some practice. She's really interested to try a class in a different place. I saw that a private lesson might be possible at Stamford ballet, but $$$.

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Hi! I am new here, so someone should probably edit me, but on with the post...

I go to [ballet school], and I really like it here, but I don’t think I am getting enough ballet. I only take ballet 3-4 times a week for 8 hours in total. I also take other classes like Modern and Jazz for 2.5 hours in total. We have pointe during technique class, and we have a lot of rehearsal and missed pointe time during class, although we still have other rehearsal. I am 13, and I live in Greenwich. From my understanding, [my school] used to be considered a pretty good school. A couple years ago, we moved [studios].  The studios are worse, and we don’t have dressing rooms anymore. A lot of the staff changed, and at this point, there is only one teacher left from the previous staff. Moving to GBA could be an option for me, I saw the June Gala last year, and it was pretty good, but there was a recent staff changeover. I don’t know if this affects the quality of the school? I have taken class with the director before, when he was at Joffrey Ballet School, and I went to an audition, and he seemed really nice and funny. Does anyone know of a school that could be within 30-40 minutes drive of Greenwich? It doesn’t have to be seriously pre-pro, just maybe more ballet and pointe. 

Sorry for the really long post, I only joined this forum yesterday!

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