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getting past mental blocks =(


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After this summer, I think I've developed a mental block when it comes to pirouettes. I have plenty of things to think about and apply to my technique, and although technical pointers help, I'm pretty sure my problem is mostly in my mind :yucky:


I have an audition for the college ballet program at Indiana University on October 6th, so I don't have very much time to solve this problem. Has anyone else had experience with something like this, and how did you get over it? Thanks so much to anyone who has a suggestion or advice.



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Oh, the temptation, the temptation :yucky:


"Don't think, dear, just do." -- George Balanchine

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i had the same problem. but after many tries and frustrated extra classes with my teachers, you just need to go for it and not psych yourself out.


Try to avoid "winding up" and just imagine youself as stacked bricks, or you're the shrimp on a shiskabob with the skewer going directly down from the top of your head to the middle of your legs.


Just don't psych yourself out, is all i can say.


Trying to go for a triple? just think of it as '3' (spot/turn) '2' (s/t) '1' (s/t) I found it easier to count from the highest number down.


and lastly you need to see yourself doing your turns. If you can't even imagine it, than you won't be able to achieve it.


good luck!

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Mel that is definitely the best quote. George hit right on with that...

You are thinking WAY to much about it. I know when I get into a mental block I think about all the times when I did five or six pirouttes. They happend because I didn't think about much.


Infact, all I thought about was minor details. If you are in a rut, try and do one correction at a time.

1: Is my head forward, backward, or in the middle.

2: Are my arms flinging me around.

3: Are you being aggresive enough with your spot.

4: Try the opposite side, sometimes your worse side becomes your better!


Sometimes it is best if you just stop. If something is not going well, usually walking away from it for awhile and do something else for awhile. Then returning to it can help fix the problem.


If all else fails, do not think!

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