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I have recently begun taking ballet technique & pointe 7 days a week (as opposed to 6). The classes range from 2 hours to 4 hours depending on the day (not including rehersals). Is this bad for me? I haven't experience any major problems (other then lack of social life :yucky: ). However, I was wondering how crucial a day off is and if I should cut back, or if I should change things in my diet, sleep and other activities so that I do not burn myself out. :unsure:



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A four hour class? I am not in a position to give advice...but isn't that long for just a technique class?


-or are you talking about multiple classes in a row?

-or am I just really behind, and I should be consitering longer classes?

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7 days a week on a regular basis is not healthy for anyone. The body needs a day to recover, and so does the brain! 6 days a week of classes and rehearsals is quite enough for anyone. You will burn yourself out and/or get injured. Cut it back.


4 hours a day for an advanced level student is not unusual. Normally that would include technique and pointe or variations or pas de deux, and either rehearsal or a jazz or modern class. Perhaps Pilates on one day. However, 6 days a week of that schedule is quite fine, 7 is not.

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No, my four hour classes are not all technique (thank goodness!). My four hour classes (on Mon, Wed, Fri) are 2 hours of technique, followed by an hour of pointe and then an hour of pas de deux, modern or jazz (depending on the day). I will try and cut out a day of technique & pointe classes, would it be okay to have rehersal on my day off technique? Of course I would have to do barre to warm up, or should I cut out the 7th day all together?


Thank you!

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Read above, dear. I think it was made exceptionally clear that we do NOT approve of 7 days a week except in performance week circumstances.

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NHB, not all young dancers know their own body, or know what is enough and what is too much. It has been clearly answered, twice, that 7 days a week is too much. The body needs some time for the muscles (which includes the brain!) to recover.

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I just had a similar discussion with my mom. GRB offers 5 classes for my level I'm only taking 4 of them because I know that I need the 3 day break on weekends. My mom pushed it a little because she thought I should take as many as possible but she understood after I explained what I needed. Point is only you know your own body but 7 days is not healthy for anyone.

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