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Does anyone have any information at all on the University of Hartford's dance program in The Hartt School? I became interested in their school just recently when I found out they have a Dance Major with a Ballet Pedagogy emphasis, which is exactly what I'm looking for.


I do have the website (my applications are printed) so a link wouldn't help, I'm looking more for personal opinions. Anything helps. Thanks so much!



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Unfortunately, I do not have any additional info to add beyond Hartt's mailings and website ... but I do want to throw out there a question if anyone knows the answer.


I read that Dennis Price, formerly dance department head at Towson University in Baltimore moved to the Hartt School to run their dance department. Has anyone heard this and do you know the particulars i.e., why he left Towson, why he chose Hartt, are his plans for the program known, is he there already?


Is this a good thing? Not a good thing? What happens to Towson's dance department without him? Are either of these programs considered good for studying ballet in college? Does anyone have any knowledge of either?

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Posts may be made to this thread, but only factual material will be permitted to remain. Uncited non-public information (i.e. rumors) will be excised without mercy.

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I want to keep this one, because I know it's possible to discuss a matter like this without having to mine rumor or gossip. If anybody has good, hard info, let's have it! You've done nothing wrong in asking for clarification of what's going on, I just want to make sure that it comes with a pedigree, and not what's buzzin' on campus.

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They have a very good character dance teacher: Alla Nikitina.

They took over the old Hartford Ballet facilities.

They have a good physical therapist: Nelly Largo-Lucheveque

It used to be run by Peggy Lyman, but she doesn't seem to be there any more.


Their alumni list may include names that were there under a very different situation, back when there was some affiliation with the now defunct Hartford Ballet, which had Alla Osipenko, Franko DaVita, Raymond Lukens & Maria Youskevitch (Igor's daughter) on it's faculty.


They recently collaborated with Nutmeg Ballet to present Nutmeg Ballet's Nutcracker at the Bushnell in Hartford.

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Nellie! She "patched" my daughter up several times through her years as a student dancer. Excellent PT for dancers! :thumbsup: She did the same for countless other ballet dancers I knew through those years.

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Guest Raymonde

I have recommended the school to one of my dancers who will audition there next week. For the same program that interests Apple. This website heartens me that there are a few very good reasons to chose this school. The graduates from that school that I've worked with in the past know ballet. What has Apple learned so far? What have you chosen for a college? :yucky:

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Thank you so much for all the answers! The Hartt school (and the University itself) have not sent me anything at all, even though I've sent in my academic application, dance application and video, and requested information in writing. I think I'll try calling, because I'd really like some brochures or just anything! All I know is that I will get a response to my video audition on or around April 1st. I have four college auditions in March, all of this seems much too long to wait to know my future. Ah impatience. Anyway, I don't know much about the school so if anyone else knows more, feel free to add. :yes: Thanks everybody!



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Apple - my dd requested info from the Hartt School in 2005 and they were very prompt in sending a viewbook. Perhaps you should phone them?

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I was also wondering about the Hartt School for a potential program (I am a highschool junior). So where have their dancers gone who graduate from the program? I couldn't find anything about their alumni on the website. Is it a good school to go to in order to be a professional ballet dancer? I was looking at the faculty and they all seem very reputable. Hilda Morales teaches there who also taught me at CPYB this past summer. Also, if anyone knows anything about the school itself (University of Hartford) as far as academics, could you share some insight? Thanks!

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I go to the Hartt School Community Division in the Intensive Division so I'm pretty familiar with the BFA students. I believe it is a good school, the teachers are positive and very helpful. When the Hartford Ballet and Dance CT were still around, they used to take dancers into the company as trainees. You can get alot out of the program. Many of the dancers have good technique and expression. If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask. I'm pretty tired at the moment, so I'm most likely leaving stuff out.

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Does anyone have information or experience regarding this program?


It looks like Hilda Morales is on the faculty, and she is very good, but I can't tell much else from their website.

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