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Hartt School/University of Hartford

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Sew ribbons:

No, not needed. She just wore leotard.

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I do have a question if anyone can answer this: It seems that their emphasis is equally ballet and modern? Would someone who is currently there be able to speak to that?

Thank you!

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My DD just auditioned at the Hartt School on Sunday. The experience was great compared to some of her other auditions. It is one of her top 5 schools. What we liked the most was talking to all the dancers and hearing their audition experiences and what they liked about the school and the program. Some are minoring in arts administration and most of them are taking the one added class a semester to have the dance pedagogy degree on their diploma. It is not a lot of extra time for the added benefit. They told us about their day, their classes, guest artists, and what the alumni are doing. They have a PT that comes in once a week. They interviewed all those auditioning first (which I think is important to see where their head is and how committed they are) and then before the audition they danced for us which was really nice. (Better than looking at YouTube) The class is small, only about 10 in each class and they are all very close which is nice to see. They dance a few miles away from the main campus but I don't think they mind and they have no trouble getting rides or taking the shuttle back and forth. Someone said it was in a bad neighborhood but I disagree. Getting there you can go through an area that isn't that nice but when you drive out and turn right, the area is beautiful with lots of shopping, restaurants, and nice homes. My daughter wants to dance all day and that is what they do until 4 in the afternoon as well as Friday nights and Sundays. There is a cafe there for them to get lunch every day. They have ballet 5 days a week and modern 4 days a week. They also have improv, pilates, kinesiolgy, choreography, variations, and music theory for dancers. They have pointe I believe 4 days a week and pas de deux class once a week all four years. It seems to be pretty even between ballet and modern. They have to do both modern and ballet all four years. You don't concentrate on one or the other. They are interested in you building a career in the dance field so you need to be versatile and everyone seems committed and happy there and not worried about finding work afterwards. Some have gotten jobs with ballet companies, Paul Taylor, some are teaching, one has won an award for her choreography, someone in PT school. Mr. Piers was very informative and he is well liked by the dancers. Hope this helps and hopefully I got it all right.

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Can anyone offer up some current info on this school and their program?  DD was accepted with a large scholarship but is still waiting on other schools and it would help if any alumni or current students could comment on the program and their experiences.  Thank you


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It is a very strong program and the students are excellent dancers. The level of training is outstanding. It should not be overlooked! The Hartt school in general is a wonderful place to be an artist. The advantage to this program is the "real college campus" and opportunities within the vibrant artistic community.

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