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Hartt School/University of Hartford

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I believe that Dennis Price, formerly head of Towson U's dance department, moved to Hartt to head the dance department. Please confirm though on the website.

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Hmmm...Hans, not sure whether you are looking for info on the training offered there, the teachers, the students, none or all of the above. I imagine you can find out about the ballet technique offered there in their admissions materials. Are you looking for info about the general atmosphere?

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Any information would be great. :dry: I just noticed that it is a dance program we do not seem to have any threads on yet. Their website is a little bit difficult to navigate; I am still going through it as time allows. For example, I cannot find faculty bios anywhere.

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I haven't attended or taught there myself. That said, I know others who have taught there and they were quite pleased with the students. Here is a paraphrase of what one friend just said to me when I explained that someone was asking after the program: The students take themselves and their program seriously. When you give them an assignment, they do it.


Here is what else I've observed from going over to their studios: Their studios are average to large sized and floors are well sprung. They have at least one brilliant accompanist. I heard that they will have even lovelier studios (which will be built somewhere else) sometime in the next few years.


I saw some of the students perform a piece at the American College Dance Festival regional show and they have (or had, perhaps he has graduated) an ambitious student choreographer who set a neoclassical piece on them.


Any Hartt students out there on BT4D?

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We have an appointment to meet with someone from the dance department in two weeks. My DD is going to go and observe a dance class, point and variations, and then we will meet with the dept. head, and tour the facility. Any information about teachers and the program in general would be appreciated.

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The teachers are wonderful and positive. I'm not quite sure of the schedule for who is going to be teaching when but this year our main teachers are going to be Susan Brooker, Deborah Collins-Ryder and Terrence Duncan. I feel that Mrs. Brooker works more on technique and Mrs. Collins-Ryder works more on the performing aspect. The classes are always challenging in a positive manner. Since our school is on the small side now, we have time to focus on correcting things personally and generally in class time. I love it at Hartt.

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We took DD to Hartt yesterday, and DD observed a point class, and a Modern (horton technique), and she was very impressed with the teachers in both classes. She also liked the fact that the Hartt School is run with a conservatory approach, meaning the dancer takes class from approx. 8:30 to 3 or 4, and then they return to the main campus for any other courses you may take. They also take the required dance related classes at the dance facility. Any other required courses that are needed for the BFA, are inserted into your schedule, so the dancer never loses out on a class that is required to graduate. There are also alot of performance opportunites.

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