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They dont understand


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When I came home today from dance it was already 10 00 and I usually like to be in bed around 10 30. My sister was in the shower when I came home and I became kind of an emotional reck. We made a schedule around each other because we are both very busy, but something that was so small just set me over. The point is my mom started telling me this isant working with dance now, she thinks dancing 20 hours a week and not getting enough sleep is what is making me so emotional. I dont know what to do, because all I want to do is dance. She dosen't understand that, yes, maybe I'm not getting enough sleep but I I need every second of those 20 hours. Any suggestions would be incredibly helpful. Thanks in advance!


<33 Cali

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Get a grip, Part II.


Firstly, don't sweat the small stuff.


Secondly, if that's all it takes to set you off, your mother may have a point. If you don't get enough rest, you won't be able to do anything else at all. Dance included. Check your schedule, and see if it needs some tweaking.

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Guest Charleston Chick 92

I understand how you are feeling, and how upsetting this must be for you, I have a similar situation, it feels like dance is taking over my life and I feel guilty of not seeing family and going to bed at stupid hours but you feel compelled to dance and that is all that matters.


Trust me, its gets easier.


First off, check that your not dancing too much, too much of a good thing can instantly make everything fall out off place. I you feel that you may have gone alittle excessive over the n umber of classes you take why not try choosing a class to go to every other lesson - that way you dont miss out but you create another few hours to see your family and get some kip.


If you decide that this wont work for you try explaining to your family how much you love to dance and how much it means to you, they probably feel that they have done something wrong or not done enough for you that they feel you are pushing them out. Explain that this is not the case and try to work out a new schedule for when you arent at dance classes to ensure that you spead enough time with them and sleeping of course.

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Charleston Chick, please be very careful about posting advice here on the Young Dancers forum. Mr. Johnson's had already given the advice, and yours just added confusion and poor options to the issue. You may offer anecdotal experiences, in terms of what happened with you and how you solved it, but please do not tell a young dancer what to do. That is for the teacher/moderators here.


Explaining to her family is not what is needed in this situation. She did go over the top, and she needs to learn to deal with her ability to cope with family life and her schedule. She was the problem here, not the family.

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I know what it feels like to be tired and cranky! I'm sure everyone here at Ballet Talk has felt that way at some time or other! However, it has been my experience that mothers know best. In fact, there was a time when I was starting to get agitated over very small issues and my mom simply said, "darling, you have Diva syndrom!" That got the point across, and I was able to laugh it off! Being a Diva is not a desirable trait for any young dancer, and I am slowly learning to curtail my selfishness.

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Excellent example of good anecdotal information, balletismylife! :D

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Thankyou to everyone. Your comments are so helpful. My mom is an incredibly smart woman so your probbably right. I guess it's time to talk to talk with my mom, or more listen. Thanks again for also not judging.. re reading what I first wrote I'm seeing that I sounded pretty immature. Which I was being. I may owe an apology to my mom.



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I'm not sure if this is possible for you, it sounds like you're having a dillemma with the number of hours and not class times, but last year i kept getting sick and was tired all the time but i was not willing to give up any of my hours so i had a chat with my teacher and was able to swap my latest class to an earlier one of the level below. While doing class a level below my own was a bit annoying it allowed me to keep the hours up so that i didn't luse technique and stuff but i also got the extra sleep i needed.

I'm not sure if this is completely relevent to you, but maybe a meeting with you, your mum, and your teacher might help.


luv belle

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.. re reading what I first wrote I'm seeing that I sounded pretty immature. Which I was being.


Knock, knock, parent here. Don't be too hard on yourself. You weren't being immature; what happened was probably triggered by stress, tiredness, possibly hunger .... ALL of us are works in progress, but none more so than adolescents, who often swing between being 8 and being 30! I'm sure you have your mature moments, too.


As a mom, I know that it's really hard for you dancers to get enough sleep, what with the hours of dance classes and homework on top of that. But do try. It will add to your resilience, and also will help your dancing. Sleep is when the brain adds to -- and pares -- its neural networks. This is the physical component of what we call "learning". Also, make sure you are getting enough calories. One of my DDs is really sensitive to hunger, and will simply crash when she's depleted. As with your experience, she doesn't always recognize the signs, but we sure do! And we've learned to get something into her FAST -- typically a big drink of chocolate skim milk. That helps even out the emotional responses.

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knock, knock - older dancer (may have to be moved).


Treefrog I suffer from the same sensitivity to hunger as your DD and my mum can tell it a mile off!! Sweet biscuits are my saviour - might give chocolate milk a try though because its probably better for you with the calcium and all.


Balletdancecm, everyone has their moments and at the time you probably thought things needed to be said. However, I bet your mum will really appreciate the fact that you go back apologise. Mine does and it also makes me feel better that there are no hard feelings.


Good luck with sorting out your schedule!!!

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