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Guest Charleston Chick 92

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Guest Charleston Chick 92

I have danced since I can remember and really really want to dance as a career, however, I feel I need to attend a full time boarding or similar school to really improve my technique and obtain higher skills, has anyone out there got any suggestions at all about what I should do, where I should go, what I should get involved with, anything atall will help!!

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It would help if you tell us how old you are and what kind of training you are looking for (ballet, contemporary, etc...). Do a search and you will find all the major dance conservatoires in the UK.


If you are not ready yet to be accepted to a full-time programme, you can always try to audition for associate programmes of ballet schools, which will give you additional training.


Currently, conservatoires are also restructuring their course to accomodate students who want to enter the industry at the earliest possible point. You might want to look up Foundation degrees in dance - you will have the opportunity to "top-up" to a Bachelor of Arts degree (if you grades are good enough)

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If you can, get yourself some Dancing Times magazines and look through them for the schools, check out the schools websites, see if there is a discussion of them here, by using the search function. If not, start one, if there is, feel free to ask your own questions.


There's a great many schools in the UK - not as much as the U.S., but enough to make an open-ended question slightly difficult to answer. You'll get a different training say at Laban or Rambert, then you would at Central.


You also need to be open an honest with yourself about your current level and ability, and discuss your options with a respected teacher.

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Talking to your teacher and seeing if s/he has any advice or is willing to help you get into a school is a good idea. Your teacher will know about what you're capable of and what you need to get into various schools.


The other thing that crossed my mind is whether you have discussed this with your parents. If you go to a boarding school soon, they will most likely have to pay for you to go. If you want to do dance at college, say when you are 16, you will probably be more self-sufficient. Nevertheless, getting their support is important.

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As well as the ones mentioned above, there is Tring (just north of London), Elmhurst (Birmingham), and the Northern Ballet School (Manchester), as well as Northern Contemporary School in Leeds.

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Northern Contemporary School in Leeds.



Is there a boarding school attached to Leeds now? :)

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