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Snap- Crackle- Pop!


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I'm definatly a late bloomer- so at 14 years old I just started going through puberty.


Lately my body has been cracking ALL the time, at home and at ballet class. My teacher, and my class mates, can hear all the cracking and popping- and I explained to her that it was the estrogen in my body- exactly what my doc said! Doc said it was fine to dance and I just might need some ocassional physical therapy...


But my teacher says that I can't take class as the popping is- get this- Disruptive.


I can't help it! But my teacher won't let me dance in the center!


Is it just me or is that discrimination?

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Popping and cracking is not that unusual, and as long as it does not hurt it's fine to dance. Your teacher has a problem if that bothers her that much. :D

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Popping and cracking is not that unusual, and as long as it does not hurt it's fine to dance. Your teacher has a problem if that bothers her that much. :D



Thank you! I will admit that it pops about twice a minute- which is kind of alot, but I figure it will stop sometime!

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My ankles and hips pop a lot sometimes classmates and the teacher turn to look at me but it's never been a big problem for me. Mostly they just smile :D dunno what that really means but...

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I think that's pretty unfair, especially as you aren't doing it on purpose. From little_dancer123 x

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During class especially during plies my knees will always pop and crack, my ankles do that too during class. My teacher usually just winks sometimes and smiles. :o


I think your teacher should let you take class especially since this is something you can't control within you body. I think you and your parents should take this issue up with the school director or whoever else is in charge, you are paying your hard earned dollars on tuition to this school to dance! The should allow you to do what you paid for. If the school director agrees with your teacher, promptly ask for a refund and take your business somewhere else. Anyways, it sounds like Dolly Dinkle-ish behavior to me! :P

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There is a girl at my studio that pops everytime she does a pique arabesque or pique turn. That is very odd that she won't let you do center just because of a popping noise.

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A girl at my dance studio used to have a similar problem--her foot/ankle would pop every time she pointed her foot, all through barre and a bit into center. Eventually, towards the end of class, the popping would stop or get quieter.


I'm really sorry that your teacher won't let you dance center.... :grinning:

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