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right now i am attending the university of akron and just about to finish my first week of classes. i am really considering not coming back next semester though, because ive noticed how much i hate college. i dont like living here, i dont like carrying 4 books to every class a mile away, i dont like academics at all...never was an A student or anything, and i am placed in a level that i feel is going too slow for me...i feel like i am relearning the basics and i just spent all last year in every class...even the 8 year olds classes so that i could re learn the basics and dance the best i could before college started, and now i just spent an hour and a half doing tendus. i don't even get a pointe class. i dont feel a challenge here and i dont feel i will improve. the college life just isnt for me.

my question is, what can i do about it? if i drop out next semester, i could take still take classes at a studio around me, but i was thinking maybe a residency program somewhere? or even if i could start in the spring for a residency? is there anywhere near cleveland i could go? if anyone could let me know any information that would be great. thanks!

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dance7rlm, I understand your feelings right now, but the question is really complicated and very hard to answer without knowing your abilities and potential as a dancer. Also, please keep in mind that you are new there, and the classes are just starting and they always go slowly at first.


For this semester, talk to your advisor about moving up in level. As for next semester, considering a residency mid year might be very difficult, but there are certainly many pre-professional schools where you could study and either live at home or rent a place to live, if your parents are willing to support you. However, before taking this route, I would want to be sure that there is realistic potential for a career in ballet. If you are a late starter, it might take several years of training still, and that is assuming that you have all of the physical facility, potential and talent.

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