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Another little gush


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Things are just going so well this term so far.

The other night when I was making my way out of the way to sit out one combination loaded with jumps; some of which I didn't know, my teacher stopped me and said "Oh, come back, you can mark this one". :jump:

I know slows down the general traffic across the floor sometimes, but he was being really cool about accomodating my bad feet. Some teachers might prefer everybody be going full out or sit out.

I think he can tell I am psyched about finally being able to keep going through a whole class unless it gets to big jumps. I am still having trouble with releve on the foot with the recently broken toe too, but that is getting better each class. I just try to releve only on two feet or the good one for now, or I tend to lose balance for not being all the way up on demi.

Forget pique turns and pirouettes on the bad side......for now.



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That's so cool, your teacher sounds really nice. :jump: It's good when teachers want you to have a go and when they turn out to think you're capable of stuff you didn't feel that you were.


Last week my teacher made me get a step right before he'd let the class get going again. The pressure! But it was worth it when we did the combination together and I didn't fall apart. 'See, you can do it,' he said. Being noticed, even in this way, is a good confidence booster.

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That sounds great! How nice to have someone encouraging you like that, and being understanding as well.

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