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September Amusements?


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Today is the ultimate procrastination day. :)


I just re-read this thread from last year:

August Amusements, Goodies and Baddies


and had a kick reading it. I've noticed that somethings have changed for me, that I haven't worked on some things I said I would ( :blushing: ), and that over all it was a fun read.


I still need to think about it some more - but how about it folks, what's changed? Now that the year is starting up again, what are you looking forward to doing in the studio? What are you dreading? Or, if you prefer, you could list goodies and baddies - anything goes. It was fun to look back on this thread and see what my impressions of myself were. It was also great to sense the enthusiasm that I probably had while I was typing that... !

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At the moment I am particularly enjoying petit allegro. Somehow my brain is sending messages faster to my feet than it used to.


I am still awful at turns, but this is my fault because I hate practicing them. I resolve to try harder.


Favourite thing is still adage at the barre, preferably a long one with a penchee or a rotation in it. Something that makes me feel like a beautiful dancer, even if I don't look like one! :):blushing:


*Edited to add that I am procrastinating too - my MA dissertation is sitting waiting to be finished and all I can do is muck about on the internet.*

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QUOTE(Kate B @ Sep 1 2006, 04:05 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

*Edited to add that I am procrastinating too - my MA dissertation is sitting waiting to be finished and all I can do is muck about on the internet.*


Good practise for your PhD! I'm trying to work on my dissertation too, but today am totally lacking focus... ARGH.


okay, there i go hijacking threads again. I need a restraint system..........

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The year ahead:



Joining an ameteur company!

New tutu for the Christmas show.

Going en pointe at christmas!! (started the prep class hehe!!)



Some dancing friends moving to uni. Nnnooooooo!

Exams! (I get sssoooo nervous).


But all in all should be a good year :)

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Goodie: taking class with other adults instead of teenagers (decided to change to an adult program with 5 levels instead of taking class with teens at my local studio)

Badies: can only take one class/week this year because of work committments.

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Triple turns hors and dans (new for me, cleaning them up)

Relaxing shoulders that tend to creep up

Epaulement getting better

Love waltz across the floor, especially turning combos

Here is my new favorite waltz combo! (pardon the spelling)

Start 5th, rond a terre to 4th, pirouette en de hors to 4th, ton lea back to tendu fnt, shift weight back to front leg in prep, pirouette en de dans to tombe cou de pie, coupe grand rond at 45 to 4th, pirouette en de hors to developpe-extend derrierre at 45, fooette & pivot to croise devant, pirouette en de dans to 1st araresque, pas de burre (repeat Left)



Want higher extension, just found good 2nd in hip socket

Working to not dip from retiree to attitude devant (push heel up)

Working on straightening legs (especially front of hip)

Working to increase flexibility in spine (I sit all day) to do arabesque

Not closing 5th after glissade just before small jete

Forgetting to hold stomach in -- STILL

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Nothing has changed for me =yet=. :o It is still summer in my corner of the world, and there are few ballet classes here. I finally am able to take class five days a week (six if and when I can afford it) starting next Wednesday! :P


Things I am particularly looking forward to: Everything! But especially these three things...

1. I can't wait to try to re-work my side and back extensions, which I lost during several years of not dancing. (I just started back again last year after 12 years.)

2. I am very, very excited to be attempting to go back en pointe after aforementioned years.

3. I feel I started to make a break-through this summer in terms of upper body relaxation, and am dying to see if this translates back into the studio.


Also, I am a novice teacher and I am very excited to have my first class of little ones, starting in the fall.

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Um.................I got new eyes!!!!


Well, they were LASIK'd, but it feels like a whole new world! As for ballet, I'm getting in there with petite allegro and finding that I'm really not as bad as I thought I was. Now that the eyes are fixed I'm looking forward to making a fool out of myself in grande allegro as well.




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getting back into a regular schedule with more classes

extension is better than last year

turns are better too but still not where I want them to be (better doubles, mine are shaky at best)

2 great shows planned for my student company this fall, looking forward to them!!!

graduating college in December!!



out of shape from not enough classes this summer

fouettes declined due to summer

pirouettes still not strong

still want higher extension but atleast there is some improvement!

still not pleased with my pointe shoes & I've almost tried everything :grinning:

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I too, have improved mt petit allegro this summer- I look forward to jumps and beats now.


I am getting better with placement, thanks in no small part to my chiropractor and acupuncturist.


I have found classes in various studios for every day of the week- which makes me able to get class time in whenever.


I finally found great feeling, consistent pointes.





Recently diagnosed Morton's neuroma on left foot keeping me from dancing right now.


Unsure how long the no dancing will go on, and what if any modifications will happen to my dancing.

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Starting rehearsals soon for our fall show. I'm looking forward to being at the studio all day. Maybe moving in with bf so I don't have to worry about paying rent. YAY!!!


I've been enjoying classes a lot. Feeling very neutral about the work and not getting angry about little mistakes any more. I feel like my turnout is improving a lot too:)



I desperately need some new pointe shoes. The Freeds seem to have stopped looking good on me for some reason. Maybe going back to my Grishko Mayas or a different type of capezio shoe.


Yeah...flic flac at the barre.

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Hummm, always the plodder, nothing has changed at all. Same classes and times as last year. Same general goals too—i.e., improve a little and enjoy myself a lot—deliberately vague on my part (I don’t believe in setting specific goals). My wish list has only one item: more people in class who show up regularly, try hard, and enjoy what we do.


Uuuu, lampwick—flic flac, my absolute favorite thing in ballet, en dehors flic flac anyway. Hardly a day goes by when I fail to do one for no reason at all in the living room or kitchen.

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