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Due to schedule conflicts this year, I have to take a ballet class a level lower than the class I should be taking. However, if my teacher thinks the class is too easy for me, she may move me up to a class that would be a level higher than me. I just wanted to know if it would be better for me to stay in the lower class even if its easy for me, or take the challenge of working with the higher class, which I can always be moved out of if needed. So... is it a better idea to take it easy for a year, or take a challenge?


Thanks! I'll appreciate any opinions on this :)

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I think this is an emotional thing. For me, I would definitely take the more challenging class. I've done that, actually. But I have a friend who once took a class above her level and came out in tears. So I think it depends on what you want, based on my experiences... but see what the moderators say first!!

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It mostly depends on what psychologically is good with you. Some people thrive in a "sink or swim" environment, others do better when they work for perfection in a lower-level class. You know you better than we do. Your call.

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IMO, a challenge is always better than taking the easy way out, however, I would still want the teacher to be the judge of which class is best for you.

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Thanks for the quick replies guys. :thumbsup: I tend to get bored doing things too easy for me, so if my teacher thinks its okay, I'll most likely choose to move up. I enjoy the challenge of being put in a higher class (it's happened before and I've succeeded :P ) so I personally think I would do better in that class as it gives me more to work toward. But then again, its all up to my teacher! Now I'm going to work even harder to get to that higher class. :thumbsup:


Thanks again!!

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Last year I had the choice of either taking a class above or below my level and after I took the class below me, I found that it was to easy. The teacher agreed and so I took the class in the level above me.


Just do what you think would be right for you.

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Taking a challenge is good for you once in a while, but I guess you've got to know where to stop. It can also boost your confidence if you end up doing well. :D From little_dancer123 x

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