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DVD/Videos: Floor Barre Technique

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Hello undertutu, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :D


I have not viewed the video, but Zena Rommet is a known expert on floor barre technique. I would expect that the video is good.

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Undertutu, I have the ZR floor barre video you talk about and my daughter uses it and finds it very helpful. We ordered it through Steps on Broadway in NYC. When you get enough posts, you could PM me and maybe we could arrange a swap?

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How well would you say these videos work for a student who is doing them on their own?

I've been out of ballet for about 6 weeks now, from a SI joint injury, & was looking at these to regain strength, etc.


Which one of the 5 videos is the best "basic" one to have?

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Just a quick question, what exactly is floor barre? I know what regular barrework in class is, but I've never heard of floor barre. How exactly can you have barrework on the floor?

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It is a method of doing basic ballet barre exercises on the floor. It can be very helpful in strengthening some areas, but it is not a replacement for a "real" barre, unless you are injured. It can be used in addition to a regular barre. Check out the link, 3 posts up.

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DazedandConfused, I would love to do a swap! I just sold my pointe technique video on Ebay, but I still have a copy and I have other titles. How exciting.


All, thank you for the replies. My teacher here is a local expert on floor barre (Caryl Maxwell). Whenever I ask my other teachers about floor barre, they always recommend Caryl. I have had one class in it and it was so difficult! I can't wait to use it more to find proper alignment.


Once I try out a video, I will post back a reply. That may be a while till I get up to 30 posts...

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