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Sore Feet


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I wore 2 1/2" wedge heels to school yesterday -- I know, it was stupid, but they're pretty comfortable as heels go, and most important, they're CUTE. Anyway, my feet didn't hurt last night, even though I was on them all day; but today the ball of my left foot aches something awful. Have I done something incredibly stupid? Is it possible to injure yourself just by wearing the wrong shoes? :P

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It sounds like the temporary result of the day-long pressure, if you're not used to heels. But don't panic, 2 1/2" is not all that high. And remember demi pointe puts similar pressure on your feet! Give your feet a soak and massage, see how they feel later in the day, and stick to comfortable flats for a couple of days. For the future, I have friends who swear by the gel pads you can put in the shoe under the ball of your foot, to make it more comfortable in higher heels, though I've never tried them.

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