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There are 4 levels of level at my school. I am in level 3. Level 4 is in all of my classes. they have some classes with just their level but the rest with mine. Is thsi common in a lot of places?

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ems, each school sets its own standards and norms. As a student, I was placed in the highest level, advanced ballet (no number or alphabet system) at the age of 13. I remained there until I graduated from high schgool and went off to pursue a career in ballet. After years of being in ballet, the technical and artistic level could be compared to a year 4 or 5 in Vaganova Academy. By those standards it would have been considered an intermediate level of study. Was it bad for the students, in some ways yes, but in some ways no. Is it ideal, no, but if the teacher is a real teacher, meaning one who teaches with a program in mind, with a plan of study for both levels within one class, then it can work out.


How many days a week and for how long do you study ballet? How large is your class? It may be a course of study that your teacher or director has decided will take two years to complete?

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It is not uncommon in smaller schools, where there are not enough students, or enough studios and teachers to have the hours needed for every level every day. It is not ideal, but, as vrs said, it can work if the teacher is good.

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Guest afroballet01

At one studio where I live this is what happens.


There are levels 3-10,and some classes levels 4-6 share,and some 7-10 share,but then they each have their own classes too.

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I don't know if this is a similair situation, but some girls will take classes that are a level below them so that they are nice and warmed-up and stretched-out for their more advanced class.

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My studio has a similar situation. The highest leval (before you can audition for a pre-profesional company spot, about age 17-18) is leval 6. However they train 3 days a week (out of 6) in a combined class with us. (leval 5) It never seems that strange as they work to the best of thier ability, and we work to the best of ours. Sometimes this can mean that in a combination we only do 2/3 turns and they are expected to do more, jump higher, add more beats, etc.

Overall my studio is relitivly large, but as Ms. Leigh said I think the teacher we have those days is wonderful and makes it work.

I guess overall I am trying to say that is seems normall to me. :grinning: I guess that rambled on quite a bit before I made that point though...sorry!

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