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I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, so please move if it isn't meant to be here.


How long should you hold the splits for? And what would be too long to hold them for :D ? Thanks :) From little_dancer123 x

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I'm not sure there are any rules on this, little dancer. Splits are a stretch, and most stretches are done for a few seconds, or for a a certain amount of music if you are doing them in class. I don't think there is great advantage to holding them for a long time.

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A physical therapist told me once at an SI that you have to hold stretches for 30-40 seconds, because that's how long it take for your muscles to stretch! :)

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I agree with everyone else. My teacher last year told us to hold any stretch for at least 25 seconds because thats how long it takes for your muscles to really feel the stretch.

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My teacher said 3 minutes! It hurts unbelievably bad! 30-40 seconds sounds a lot more reasonable IMHO

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When I talked to the physical therapist, she said that holding a stretch for longer than necessary may only cause your muscles to cramp up and won't get them any more stretched. If you hold it for 30-40 seconds (IMO), your muscles will stretch as far as they can go in that certain position and will stay stretched. Basic conclusion is... don't hold stretches longer than necessary! :thumbsup:

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