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I'm trying to improve my feet (I have low arches) and I was wondering where I'm supposed to feel the stretch when working with resistance bands. When I use the bands, I feel it on the top of my foot. Is this right? I just want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong.

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First of all, are you doing work with the bands that WILL produce a stretch? A lot of people don't realize that pointing against the band doesn't stretch much of anything.

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Wow. :grinning: I suppose I should be counted among them. I'm pretty sure the bands I use (they are only temporary substitutes because our sports supply store didn't carry therabands) aren't any special kind for producing a stretch. I am, as you said, just pointing against the band. I suppose what I'm trying to ask is what should I be feeling, where, and why? Is feeling a stretch of sorts along the top of my foot a bad thing?

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All resistance therapy elastics are pretty much the same. Stand on one leg, hold onto something to keep your balance. Barre, chair, etc. Lift up your foot and loop the band around the front of the foot and toes. Pull the band up so that the lower leg presses along the thigh, as if you were kneeling on it. You will feel a stretch along the top of the thigh (quad stretch) and over the arch of the foot.

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Chanel 16, yes, you should feel it on the top of the foot. You can also sit on the floor and do this. Just stretch your legs out in front of you, place the theraband around the ball of the foot and let it lap over the toes. Flex the foot, pulling the band towards you with one hand on each end, and then push the band with your foot, pointing it fully as you still pull the band towards you. If the band has enough resistance (they vary by color in terms of strength), you will get a good stretch. Do it several times with each foot.

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