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Guest afroballet01

*Different from other post,please don't say anything about number of classes a week*!


I have decided that I definitely want to do ballet again so...


Since it's been almost a year since my last ballet class,I know that I have to go back to beginner,but I'm not sure which class to take.


I know that I am going to be taking a class at the pre-pro studio in my town,but I don't know if I should do the graded classes,or the teen/adult divison.If I do the graded classes then there will be performance opportunities,and I'll be with people younger than me,but if I do the teen/adult divison I'll probably be the youngest in the class...


And since I can only do 1 class a week to start,I'm planning on doing the NYCB workout everyday until I can get a second class (if my ankle is doing well I can start a second class in November and have my parents pay for it as a birthday present).


Does this sound okay even though not preferable?Which class?

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I would definetly to the Graded class, if you ask the head of the school I'm sure he or she will be glad to place you in the proper class. One of the reasons that I would do a graded class is because if you were the oldest, the teacher would expect more from you since you are older, and thus push you harder. On the other hand most adults don't want to dance with a "little kid" and they might not expect as much form you(the key word is might). However the afest thing to do would be to ask the Head of the School, that's what I qould do.

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Guest afroballet01

Okay...So I'm definitely going to do the graded class,but the question now is what level.Next week (this week is too hectic with school starting) I'm going to go try both the level 3 and level 4 classes (I was a level 5/6 last year) and see which would suit me better.

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