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My school has loose *VERY loose* like non-existant dress code. I ALWAYS wear black&pink, however. No skirts or shirts... but what is considered ok for your hair? A discreet ribbon in your bun? A little beaded bobby pin? I like to have a little color on me somewhere the bobby pins are literaly this size:





About. Are these ok in strict schools?



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Yes, a little color in terms of a flower or a decorative bobby pin, etc., will be fine. A discreet ribbon works too. :angry:

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At Royal Ballet School, we have to wear a little bow at the top of our buns. From little_dancer123 x :angry:

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Just be careful though! I had a small flower in my hair and it fell, but none of the girls realized it. One of the girls tried to do a pirouette en pointe and she fell halfway through the turn. Luckily she didn't get hurt, however my flower got decimated.

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At my school we have a rather strict dress code, but, yes we are allowed to wear discreet decorative flowers bobbypins and even ribbons. Some of us wear something in our hair every single day!

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I have a very strict dresscode, but we are allowed to add ribbons to our hair as long as they are tight and less than 1 inch is hanging off. I used to tie one around the edge of my bun, before I chopped off all of my hair ;-)

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My school also has a very strict dreescode. Though our teacher loves it when we have nice and cute little things in our hair like bows, ribbons, flowers, headbands and jewels. Be sure to ask someone at your school if you are allowed, that's what I did just so I wouldn't get in trouble if I couldn't! : )


Have a GREAT day!!


star_reacher :wink:

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We can have any hair decorations at my school as long as they aren't over the top. I like to take buttons that have the shanks on them and put them on my hairpins. I personally think it looks really cool.

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My school has a strict dress code too. We are allowed to wear barrettes in our hair. We can wear ribbons too as long as they are not oversized. I personally love ribbons :D , I think they look really cute and can look professional as long as they are done in a certain way. :)

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OK, gang, bear in mind that this topic is "HAIR", one of the great Buddy Board topics, but because we've got at least one new member on this thread, I can't send it there without cutting somebody out of the conversation.

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Love the button idea! I actually just did it!


I like to take a little fresh flower (we have some nice plants at my house) and just wedge it under the corner of my bun. DON'T use morning glory, which wilt immediately. But Dianthus are quite nice! Duoble geraniums too.

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If you have long hair you could try a Balanchine bun. A figure-eight with a clip/barrette across the middle. Just use bobby pins too!

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