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i flex stretch unit...safe?

Guest t_wolo31

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Hello t wolo31, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :devil:


I'm sorry, but your link only takes us to the Discount Dance gifts page, so we don't really know what device you are asking about. In general, however, with the exceptions of therabands and Pilates equipment, we are not in favor of "devices" for stretching. The stretches you learn in class are still the best :sweating:


Since you are new here, I encourage you to look around and read some topics, especially those marked "Sticky", which are at the top of each forum. They will tell you how to navigate the board, and also about our rules. For instance, we do not abbreviate words here. Things like "u" for "you" are not used, and numbers are also not used in place of letters.


To make a direct link to something, do not use the thing. Just type in the http:// and the address, and will show up in your post underlined, which means we can click on it and go there. If you can get the direct link to that device, it would help a lot. :o

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OK, I fixed it for you and found the article. It's under health and fitness. It seems to me that you would get a lot more for your money just by getting a heavier weight of resistance therapy bands, like Therabands or Resistabands, or any other brand.


Just as advice, the img code prevents the software from automatically making the link work as a URL.

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