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Ballet Schools in Mississippi - Southern area


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I used to go to a recital studio, but now that I'm starting dance again, I want to make sure that I can get the best training available. Does anyone know of a good ballet school in south Mississippi (preferrably in/around Gulfport) Any help AT ALL would be very much appreciated. :)

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Cheryl Black has a studio in the Gulfport/Biloxi area. I have friends there who have been pleased. She does Nutcracker & a spring recital. She has ballet and jazz.


Edited to add: her school is named Ballet Theatre School, 9334 Three Rivers Road (behind Walmart in Gulfport) and the phone number is 228-822-0490. She has students go to nationally recognized SI's; one of her students has attended the Kirov SI the past 2 summers. Please pm me for any further information.

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I have a student that will be moving temporarily to Biloxi, Mississippi (5 months). Can you recommend a ballet school?

She would need to finish out the school year (starting in April) and a summer program. Preferably a school that uses the Vaganova method.

Thank you for any help or recommendations.

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The school in Hattiesburg, which is 60 miles, is Vaganova. South Mississippi Ballet Theatre. There is a school in Gulfport called Ballet Theater School that is more Checetti based but still classical. I'm not sure they offer a true pre-pro schedule though. Let me know if you have more questions I would be happy to help!

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