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Hey I was wondering if anyone knew any colleges associated with ballet companies, like the connection of Dominican University with the Lines Ballet. Preferably on the east coast but any responce would be great. Thanks

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eme, you posted this yesterday. You cannot post the same question on two forums. Which forum would you like to leave it on? (Remember, it is a holiday weekend, so, if you don't get an immediate answer just be a little patient. :))

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I am too tired to go look for your other forum so I'll post here.


NCDT has a connection with a college, I am unsure which one.


Mercyhurst has a connection with I believe Erie Ballet.

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sorry guys I'm trying to find the original topic to delete it but I'm having some trouble so bare with me while I struggle through my first few days. I also wanted to let poeple know that i found a fairly old post about the same thing which has helped a lot but I was also wondering about east coast colleges with companies, thanks again and sorry about the mix up

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