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Who cares? music


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The music to "Who Cares?" has not been recorded for public distribution. It was specially arranged for the ballet by Hershy Kay. The source for the original tunes is The George Gershwin Songbook.

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Except that that would violate several laws. And subject you to all sorts of penalties if you performed it in public. The musicians' unions are very harsh that way.

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Also remember that George Balanchines choreography is protected by copywright and cannot be performed publicly without the trusts permission. :D

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Yes, that too, but the choreography in that clip doesn't look anything like what I remember as "Who Cares?". I started watching that ballet in its first season, and saw it a couple of years before Balanchine's death, and it still didn't look like that. Still, representing something as being from a named ballet under copyright would be actionable.

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