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One of my teachers for ballet class is also the Artistic director if the company that our school is affiliated with. She picks our roles. My teacher/Artistic Director hasn't seen me in three months and I have improved a lot. The question is, when I'm in her class should I be dramatic and keep it safe or dull and push myself? Should I act like I'm performing and only do a clean single, or should I act like it is a normal class and push myself to do a double or more turns, even though I might fall down?

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In technique class, always push the envelope. Try for better technique, improved positions, better line. Save the drama for mime class.

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I guess pushing yourself would be a kind of good thing, just not too extreme! :D If you do do a pirouette and you fell, then carry on the exercise showing you can pirouette without falling! From little_dancer123 x P.s good luck! :thumbsup:

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