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Anyone here from Portland, Oregon?


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I am not moving to Portland...at least not for a long time. But it has come up that if I did what in the world would I do about ballet? So...just out of curiosity, does anyone here take adult ballet classes in the portland area? Or know of any great adult programs. And I don't mean like a one beginner class a week sort of thing, i mean a REAL adult program with multiple levels, more than once a week?

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When I'm not nursing an injury, I take 4 classes at one place with 2 teachers at an advanced level here (portland metro ). I wanted to take more classes this fall, so I was going to check out these two spots ( Pacific Artists' Dance Ctr Oregon Ballet Theatre), which have a very good reputation. There are more, but it depends on where in PDX you end up moving to, as sometimes, traffic can be an issue getting to class. I do know that many working dancers attend PADC's open classes. I'll let you know what I find out once I get rid of this pesky neuroma and can dance again.

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You can find info on PADC's open class schedules and teacher bio's on their website, pacificartistsdancecenter.com They even have a very popular Sunday 10am class that often has many high level dancers in it. My daughter has taken classes there and enjoyed them.

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There are a suprising number of schools in the Portland area, Portland Dance Academy is another, I am not sure how advanced their adult program goes; it says intermediate which based on the rest of the school I would assume that it is a pretty good intermediate, the classes are also offered fairly often. Portland Community Ballet (PDXBallet.org) is very good and I have heard some pretty good things of the adult program.

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Don't know how I missed this. I am from Portland and have been taking class for a # of years at CMA, Center for Movement Arts. I have also taken from PMPC from a teacher I had for a # of years, but classes are limited, hours don't suit me and its an open class often very introductory. Good news, she has pointe class p/the tech class and if she approves, you can take the tech class on pointe.


CMA has adult classes on different levels and dancers from smaller local companies can often be seen there. I don't get the personal corrections I would like, but my mind gets a good workout, longer more complex combinations.

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