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The downside of SI's?


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Is it possible to retain the strength gained over the summer if classes and the class schedules are not as intensive come the fall?

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A minimum maintenance schedule would be three 90-minute classes/week. That way, you don't lose technique and strength, but you don't gain any, either.

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It can also depend on the age and level of the dancer. However, during the school year it is almost impossible to maintain as intensive a schedule as during an SI. However, daily classes for 2.5 to 4 hours, 5 or 6 days a week, is not unusual for advanced students. Younger students, at beginning or intermediate levels, should be able to maintain with 3-4 days a week.

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One thing I'v seen happen in our area is that that kids come back from SI's to ballet schools on vacation. Between SI's ending and fall classes starting there is at least a months down time. We have always been lucky at our studio, even though on vacation, a teacher is provided for the faithful few. Admittedly we pay premium prices for the classes because their are few dancers but we are lucky and get what I'v come to call maintenance classes. Usually a couple of hours a day, six days a week and although all upper level kids are invited to the classes ultimately the advanced serious dancers are the ones who attend. Quite a few even advanced kids like the time off. The result being when regular classes start up, for most, all the benefits of summer have gone. Everyone is trying to get back into shape, what was gained in the summer in some cases is just a memory!

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Our old school had classes for maintenance following return from SI's. Girls from other schools would join us. This happened at Christmas break as well. I feel we were fortunate in not losing any ground. Without this, would it be as easy to notice improvements gained from an SI?

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DS' old studio did "maintenance" classes five days a week through August. But they scheduled them in the late morning. Those who could attend had parents not working - or could drive. There weren't very many who could attend. All other studios were closed. DS found this very frustrating and, though we managed to get him there maybe 6 or 7 times, after a five week break he will be starting his new school year probably very, very sore. More importantly, coming home from an SI, with a strong drive to continue dancing, only to find a stop sign, was very, very frustrating. A lot of momentum was lost. For him, I really hope his school starts back nice and slow.

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So tomorrow is D day so to speak. My dd will discuss her feelings about the class pace and her desire for more classes with her home school teachers. My fingers are crossed all goes well (limited disappointment, maybe even approval of the additional classes. I anticipate a tuition increase. No matter.)


If things turn out, then talking this over with the teachers, after a reason number of weeks, may be a solution to the 'downside of SI's'.

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