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Do you think I will be able to do pointe?

je danse dans ma tete

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Hi everyone,


I have reasonable arches, I'm strong, flexible, I catch on quickly and even though I've just started to dance, I LOVE it. I would love to do pointe work (I know it's a long-range goal, I am prepared to work hard).


A week ago, I asked my teacher if she thought I could get to the stage where I could do pointe, even just barrework en pointe. She initially said "sure, I don't see whay not. You've got good feet, you're strong, and are building a strong technical foundation." She told me that it was a long-term goal and I would have to work hard to achieve it.


After class yesterday, I asked her if there was anything I could be doing to prepare myself for pointe outside of class. She gave me a theraband and showed me how to use it. Then she said "how much do you weigh?" I told her and she checked it against my height and said that my BMI was on the upper end of healthy (24) and that I had to lose weight to do pointe if I didn't want to hurt my ankles and feet.


I really want to do pointe, but I have always had this body type. I have big bones and muscles and I can't imagine getting to a BMI of 20, which is where I should be, apparently. I already have an active lifestyle. Should I give up my dream of doing pointe work, or should I go to a nutritionist and get some help to get my BMI down? What kind of damage could I do to myself if I did pointe while being a bit heavy? I need some advice please!




Je danse

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Slow and steady, slow and steady. You need at least three years of study to build up the strength and technique necessary for pointe. During that time, you can consult with a nutritionist to make a long-term nutrition plan which will allow you to lose down to a realistic goal. 20 from 24 seems reasonable to me, but see what the health professionals say.

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