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I shared a combo in another thread and thought what a great thread to open. I searched the threads here and found none dedicated, so here we go. The more often you post a favorite, the more open we can keep this thread!


Perfect Prep for Fouette Turns!

(Thanks to Christopher Hurd)


Sequence 1:

Tondu side, Plie 4th, single pirouette to plie devant croise at 45 and hold for a count

Repeat by closing to 5th and repeating sequence. Don't forget to land perfectly to the corner and hold. That's the key to landing in the right position to slow the turn down for the demi rond to 2nd that happens in full fouette turns later.


Sequence 2:

Tondu side, Plie 4th, single pirouett to plie devant croise at 45, demi rond to seconde at 90 en releve and hold for a count

Repeat by lowering to tondu a la seconde and repeating sequence. The hold in 2nd is KEY to get timing for the continuous fouette turns later.


Sequence 3 (the fouette turn):

Do not prep with double pirouette.

Prep: tondu side, Plie 4th, single pirouette to plie devant croise at 45, demi rond to seconde at 90 en releve and hold for a sec to show the position (look at it in the mirror and see it), then whip it into passe to do another turn ending in plie devant croise at 45...


Remember to see the 2nd and hesitate in it to give the turns life.

I say during my turns: turn and uu-up; where the and is the plie at 45 croise, the uu-up is the 2nd releve.

Another way to say it for timing is 1 and 2ooo, 1 and 2ooo (where the 2 is emphasized in 2nd releve (and encompases "2 and")). 1 is turn, and is plie in croise at 45, 2 (which is 2 &) is the 2nd releve.


Hope that helps. Can't wait to see your posts!

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Have you cleared posting his combinations with Mr. Hurd???


I really think that this work falls under commonlaw copyright, and ought not to be quoted, or if they are, that the originator should be compensated ($$$) by the poster!

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Is it ok to post your own combinations?

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I'm really not in favor of it, for several reasons. One would be the problem of making combinations that are just like those you had in class, so not really "your own"; another would be the spelling, which could drive some of us totally nuts in trying to read them; and another would be the ability to write them so that they make sense to someone else. There is so much involved in terms of writing a combination that is beyond the steps themselves. We stopped the teens from doing this for these reasons.

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Your own combinations would be clear legally, but then we get into the spelling bee aspect of the whole thing. Looking quickly on what's already there, I see "tondu" and "pirouett" as well as missing diacritical marks, and yes, spelling does count. One of the big reasons we don't want that sort of thread is that it will invariably spread or reinforce bad spelling of ballet terminology. So, sorry, but I've got to close this thread. :lol:

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