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Seriously, How many shoes do we own?


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I have been cleaning out but still have way more shoes than I imagined. We are mostly women here but men are welcome to chime in. I would like to know how I compare to the rest of "us" in how many shoes I own separating dance shoes from street shoes, keep so here goes with my run down:


I have maybe 3 pair of ballet slippers; one fairly small and needs donating

1 pr. deshanked pointe

1 pr. Character Tap

1 pr. T strap character

1 pr. Jazz tap

1 pr. Jazz shoes

1 pr. Ballroom shoes

1 pr. Dance sneakers



That is 10 pairs of dance shoes..........................


2 water shoes

1 water sandals

3 Dress sandals: 1 Black, 1 Pink, 1 red

3 Dress boots: 1 Red, 2 Black

1 dress silver wedgie (too tight)

1 casual Black boot

2 slip on New Balance sneakers

2 Lace up sneakers

1 grey loafers

1 red slingback,

1 pink ballet flats (also tight but really cute and very low heel)

2 Pumps, 1 metallic heels, 1 black nearly flat hush puppies...pretty old

2 Oxfords: 1 red, 1 plum

6 Sandals: 1 Black SAS, 1 Green and blue Weitzman jellies, 1 Navy trotters, 1 White Clarks, 1 Blue wedgies, 1 Brown Birks

My Navy custon Birk style orthotic shoe just hit the trash.

3 temporarily retired Reiker sandals


And That is 31 street shoes. That is a lot I guess but sadly I have need for some shoes not listed there like a black oxford or slip on walking shoe....I tossed the last pair that got too tight and haven't replaced them yet, and a pair of semi dressy black shoes wouldn't hurt either.


I do have some slippers...Yorkie slippers too and another pair of those somewhere too. Oh and snow boots...2 pair...one that fits well.


OK anybody else able to list their inventory....




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OK Laschwen here it goes,


Dance Shoes:

2 prs ballet slippers (1 satin, 1 leather)

1 pr jazz shoes

1 pr jazz sneakers

1 pr cuban heel tap shoes

1 pr t-bar character shoes


Street Shoes:

1 pr trainers

2 prs running shoes (1 v. muddy/old, 1 less muddy new)

1 pr walking boots

2 prs knee high suede boots (1 brown, 1 black)

1 pr black ankle boots (heel too high to walk very far!)

2 prs kitten heel work shoes (1 brown, 1 black)

1 pr black high pointy stilettos (new favourites!)

2 prs cream sandals (1 with diamontes, 1 without)

1 pr cream street ballet pumps

4 prs flip flops!

1 pr wellington boots!


So thats 6 pairs of dance shoes and 14 pairs of street shoes not including the flip flops which probably don't really count as shoes. Thats quite a poor show but I have a moto that if I'm not going to wear a pair again I might as well recycle them and fill the space with a new pair - hence no stock of things I never wear. Shocked that I have so many pairs of dance shoes though! Only started a year ago and already my stock has exploded!


Anyone else?

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:blushing: Uh-oh, Imelda III checking in here:




1. pink canvas split sole Blochs, almost worn-out

2. another pair of same, not worn out but not being worn because one was signed by Suzanne Farrell :blushing:

3. white canvas split-soles, perhaps Gambas, currently in use

4. eight pairs of pointes, mostly Freeds and Schachters I think, no longer used, yet impossible to throw away



1. black kitten-heeled pump

2. black high-heeled mules

3. black low-heeled slides

4. black patent leather open-toed slingbacks

5. camel mules

6. tan high-heeled sandals

7. pink flip flops

8. navy blue Birkenstocks

9. brown wedge sandals

10. white loafers

11. red striped espadrilles

12. green wedge espadrilles

13. white and blue sneakers

14. white and purple sneakers

15. brown lace-ups

16. brown Velcro-fastened flats

17. brown ankle boots

18. brown knee-high boots

19. black knee-high boots

20. black ankle boots

21. Wellie-style rain boots

22. black Dansko clogs

23. black Dansko clogs with backs

24. white wedding shoes

25. bronze ballet-style flats


And yet, every morning, I can't find a single pair of shoes that I want to wear! :shrug::wacko::)

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Let's just say that the Imeldas checking in here are amateurs.


I have weakness for shoes and am a size 6, which is often the sample size and also falls into the upper range ofkids' sizes. It is ridiculously easy for me to buy shoes. I have shoe colonies--one at work (work shoes), one by my front door (casual shoes), one in my "party clothes" closet, and another in my off-season closet. Oh and then there's the ballet shoe cabinet.


The kicker is that I hate wearing shoes and take them off whenever possible. My theory is that I keep buying shoes in hope of finding some that feel as good as bare feet.


Most recent shoe purchase: a pair of Ugg flip flops ($12 at Nordstrom Rack). Sounds crazy, but that sheepskin is mighty nice on the top of my feet, and the soles are sturdy and well-padded.

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Not a street shoe buyer, but have crazy amounts of dance shoes:


Degage Dance sneakers and Pointes dyed royal blue

Capezio Contempora, Infinita, Pavlowa, Nicolini, Perfetta (3pr one deshanked), Tendu 2 (2 pr)

Soloist Pointes dyed red

Gaynor pointes

Prima Soft Prima Russe

Grishko Elite

Sansha 1c and 3c soft shoes in gray and baby blue respectively

Bloch Elastosplit (2pr), Serenade

Gamba 93

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Let's just say that the Imeldas checking in here are amateurs.


I have shoe colonies--one at work (work shoes), one by my front door (casual shoes), one in my "party clothes" closet, and another in my off-season closet. Oh and then there's the ballet shoe cabinet.


The kicker is that I hate wearing shoes and take them off whenever possible.



I love this post; especially the remark about us amateurs.

I guess you have too many to inventory........

Now I am going to have to go reorganize my closets. I would do better to kick my husband out of what should be MY closet but I would have to convert a room to make him a closte/dressing room first.

I currently have the off season closet which also holds my more valuable Christmas stuff, the current season one, and the one with costumes and things that do not fit but I still have hope for. I have to create one for the party clothes. The dance shoes have been living in yet another small closet or my dance bag but have recently been placed on one shelf of the main closet.

Of course I will have to start putting the shoes in with the category of the clothes too.




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Ooohh..wow. I feel better. I last counted at 6 pair of dance-related shoes, and 76 pair of regular shoes. That was after I cleaned out the closet, and deleted several pair. What do you expect when you have a pair that goes PERFECTLY with one outfit, and not at all with anything else? :thumbsup:


I love shoes. My collection is limited only by my budget...

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I love shoes. My collection is limited only by my budget...





Budget yes, but what about the limits of your closet????

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This is like an AA meeting, I feel the need to confess. :rolleyes: I missed about five or so pairs of shoes in my original post, but I'll just add this one, the most expensive things I've ever put on my feet!


26. Rocketbuster cowboy boots! :blink:

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I love this topic ! Is there anyone of us out there who doesn't love shoes ? When I get dressed in the morning I start with the shoes I want to wear and then move up.


O.K. Here's me:


Dance shoes :


3 pair pointe shoes (first pair on wall, 2n'd pair deshanked, 3'd pair about to be retired)

2 pairs of canvas ballet slippers

1 pair black jazz shoes

1 pair of black tap character shoes

1 pair of black character shoes


That's only 8. but I am waiting for pointe shoe suggestions from Ms DeVer and I plan on ordering 3 pairs to try in the near future.


Street shoes (oh, my !)

1 pair of thigh high black, low heeled boots

1 pair of knee high lace up boots

1 pair of black clogs

1 pair of brown loafers

3 pairs of ballet flats (black,denim and grey flannel)

1 pair of black mules

1 pair of pink mules

1 pair of black strappy sandals

1 pair of black sling backs

1 pair of black peep toe heels

1 pair of black square toed heels

1 pair of greek sandals

1 pair of black dressy flat sandals

2 pairs of puma mostro sneakers

1 pair of ridiculous mohair bedroom mules

1 pair of wicked good shearling slippers

1 pair of sequined indian slippers (in ballet pink!)

1 pair of pointy toed sequined mules in green

1 pair of lace up espadrilles

2 pairs of slip on sneakers type shoes

1 pair of blue paisly mules

1 pair of casual black sandals

1 pair of water shoes

1 pair of leather flip flops

1 pair of snow boots

1 pair hiking boots

1 pair kitten heel black pumps


that brings my total to 31 !


Hmmm....and I was thinking about buying a pair of low heeled brown leather boots for autumn.

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I have to admit that I am not a shoe lover (should I be ashamed?). I currently own:



one pair of canvas split-sole shoes



one pair of running shoes

a pair of Chacos

two pairs of flip flops for outside use

one pair of flip flops as slippers inside the house

a brown pair of sandals

a black pair of sandals

two pairs of closed toed shoes

a pair of dress-up shoes, that mostly get taken to ballet performances and conferences


I mostly just wear flip flops.

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I have way too many!! My total: 42, not counting the dead pointe shoes which decorate my room


For dance:

pointe shoes-2 pair that are not dead

many pairs of dead pointe shoes-at least 20 prs

ballet flats

jazz shoes

lyrical shoes (covers ball of foot)

oxford type and 1 1/2" heeled tap shoes


For everyday:

6 pairs of high heels

18 sandals/flip flops

2 nice shoes/loafer type

3 clogs

5 tennis shoes/some backless some not, 1 pair is old for working in yard

1 slippers


I have found the only arch support that works in my tennis shoes is the Pro Foot Super Sport arch support for women available at Walmart. I just tried the spenco arch support available at Footlocker it doesn't work for my feet. I work 12 hour shifts in a hospital which is the cause of my trouble. Of course the floors are concrete-a sprung floor or wooden floor or anything else would be better than concrete! :)


Your closet need not limit your shoe collection. I have a thing that hangs on the back of a door filled with shoes, a shoe rack on the floor under hanging clothes in closet, a shoe thing that hangs on clothes bar in closet, shoes under the couch in my room...yes, it sounds like I have a problem! I really should clean out the shoes that hurt my feet, and only buy good shoes with arch support....but that is so expensive and so limiting. Some of the shoes I have now were only $6 at Payless, or $5 at Walmart.

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