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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Seriously, How many shoes do we own?


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Dance Shoes:

2. two pairs ballet slippers

3. one pair jazz shoes


Horseriding Shoes:

4. paddock boots

5. field boots (the tall ones)

6. barn clogs


Street Shoes (ye gods):

8. two pairs running sneakers

11. three pairs street sneakers (brown, tan and blue, and black)

12. brown ballet flats

13. brown cowboy boots

14. black cowboy boots

15. black cowboy-esque boots

16. red cowboy-esque boots

17. burgundy knee high boots, lace up

18. camel knee high boots

19. white snakeskin boots with fur interior

20. green suede boots

21. black suede boots

22. embroidered brown knee-high platform boots

23. zebra print platforms

24. embroidered suede platforms

25. white platforms (wood bottom)

26. navy platforms (wood bottom)

27. black platforms (wood bottom)

28. burgundy platforms (wood bottom)

29. turquoise platforms (wood bottom)

30. black pumps with pink stitching

31. brown pointy toed pumps

32. embroidered lavendar pumps

33. periwinkle pumps

34. pink pumps

35. black pumps

36. pink tweed pumps

37. turquoise velvet pumps with black snakeskin

38. red and white zebra print pumps (i painted myself!)

39. black and white polka dot heels

40. black open toed heels

41. tan open toed heels

42. brown mary janes

43. black mary janes

44. hot pink strappy heels

45. red heel slides

46. pink flat slides

47. black dansko comfy things

48. camel open back clogs

49. brown flip flops

50. tan flip flops

51. black flip flops

52. white flip flops

53. black soccer slides


And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. I'm too frightened to actually go take inventory. The worst part is I wear the same shoe size as both my mother and my roommate and HER mother, so I wear all their shoes too. :)


I have an addiction. :wub:

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Wow Anne, you and your 3 shoe mates have quite a shoe collective going on!

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I have an addiction. :thumbsup:




Oddly, this makes me want to go browse the Zappo's website for boots....I thought I had too more than my share before....and I had already given three pair to my sister in law when they started getting too tight for me.

I forgot to count my wellie type brown boots too.



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WahooWa! Anne (MS/MIT 1994) Do you take class in C'ville?


Dance Shoes:


5 black canvas splitsole

3 white canvas splitsole

2 tan canvas splitsole

2 grey canvas splitsole


Low heel Character shoes, black

Latin Heel Character shoes, black


Jazz shoes


2 pair dancesneakers black and tan


Civilian shoes




Black Wingtips Florshiem

Tan Wingtips Allen Edmunds

Black Captoe florshiem

Tan Captoe Polo

black penny loafers

Black Ken Coles (2)

Brown ken Coles




Tan Driving mocs

brown loafers

Motocycle boots

Motorcycle harness boots

cowboy boots

luchese boots

flip flops (3-4)

running shoes 2

basketball shoes


Mens shoes rarely go out of fashion, I have a pair of loafers I have re-soled three times.

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Anne UVA

Hey, you got me thinking ...I forgot my riding boots, and my wellies (very cool, painted red with yellow flowers on them..the perfect thing to wear while puddle stomping with my boys).

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Mens shoes rarely go out of fashion, I have a pair of loafers I have re-soled three times.



True enough.

My husband is also under the delusion that he (and therefore all men) owns and needs only three pairs of shoes....black, brown, and cordovan; all dress. He will allow for one pair of running type shoes (which he refuses to believe ever need replacing) but he forgets he has also: Tap shoes, brown loafers, a pair of colored converse, old army boots, tall rain boots for working in the yard, Motorcycle boots, water shoes, slip on Nikes he uses as slippers, a silly pair of slippers with motorcycles or maybe racecars on them, and cowboy boots. He may actually have two pair of black dress shoes too; I'd have to go look. :lol::)

He gets his resoled and re-dyed too.



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Laschwen, your husband and mine are exactly the same and completely different. Mine thought all he needed in life was a pair of basketball shoes (the ugliest ones possible), and a pair of beat-up sandals, plus some black "dress shoes" that were decidedly undressy to begin with and had seen better days, to boot! <-- Until he met me, that is. Now at least he has a pair of decidedly dressy shoes, plus a new pair of "business casual" shoes that are much nicer than his old, beat-up black ones.


Here's what's in my dancebag: one pair slippers, two pair of pointe shoes, one pair jazz sneakers, one pair jazz oxfords, and one pair of just-used-'em-for-the-first-time-today tap shoes.


In my dance drawer are my first pair of pointe shoes, and an old pair of slippers that I keep for emergencies.


In my closet, sad to say, all I have are one pair each of:


brown cowboy boots

brown hiking boots

white walking sneakers

black slip-on sneakers

blue flip-flops

green flip-flops

brown sandals

black loafers


Then I have heels in ivory suede, red satin, silver straps, black suede, and black patent leather (they're stilettos).


I'd really love to have fewer pairs of shoes, but nicer ones. Someday, I'll wear nothing but Choos, Blahniks, and Rocketbusters... :D

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I'm with you. Someday I will own a pair of Manolos.



I was into getting the good stuff too (already have 2 Stuart Weitzman) too until I saw a page in IN Style Magazine (yeah I read that :wink: ) and on it were a pair of 4 inch red pumps....but they are different. Colehaan makes them with Nike Air technologie. Air bags in your shoes. Imagine.

Look for them and their comfy made friends "Carma Air Pumps at www.colehaan.com

I never wore a 4 inch heel in my life but I bet I could with these if they only came in my size.....



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WahooWa! Anne (MS/MIT 1994) Do you take class in C'ville?

That I do! I'm not much of a Wahoo, but I do go to school there. :wink:


Ania, you have horses too? So nice to meet a fellow horse-riding dancer (or rather, dancing horserider is more applicable to me).

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Someday I will have a horse.

But I do ride. Love it. I lived in England for 14 years and learned there. I ride English.

Are you English or Western?



ps. Laschwen I read In-Style too, and I just caved and bought a subscription to Glamour. A girl has to have some frivolity in her life.

I just read in the October Glamour that the average woman ha 30 pairs of shoes. Whatever that may mean.

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Someday I will have a horse.

But I do ride. Love it. I lived in England for 14 years and learned there. I ride English.

Are you English or Western?


I ride english -- I event, theoretically, but I have no money now (read, starving college student), so I'm more of trail rider. :( I'd love to be able to get back into competing though! I do feel my ballet helps my riding immensely, though, which is the orignal reason I started taking a class. Now I'm just addicted, beyond it's helping hand in dressage.

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Dance shoes:


-one pair of pointes (don't know how many dead ones)

-two flats (and another pile of dead flats)

-two pair of character shoes

-a pair of Jazz shoes


I just tried to count all of my street shoes and this is impossible. I collect shoes since I am twelve and I cannot say how many I have. It is somewhere around 80 pairs of shoes. Now I am really getting a problem with storing them all...


Everytime I come up with a new pair, my father gets soooo mad. After all, the shoes are mine and it is MY money (not his) so I see no reason why he gets angry (I store them all in my room and NOT in HIS room).


My mum always gets crazy when I ask for a new pair of pointes (whaaaaat, we bought you new ones half a year ago....she can be so lucky with me that my pointes last so long :shhh: )

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Let me first say that this thread has made me want to go shoe shopping... too bad pay day isn't for awhile. Secondly, I have a small obsession with shoes. And by small I mean I have well over 100 pairs. And I can guarantee there are more to come. Last time I tried to count them I got to 106 and gave up. You can never have too many shoes! Under-the-bed storage boxes are amazing for storing shoes...

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I have been cleaning out but still have way more shoes than I imagined. We are mostly women here but men are welcome to chime in. I would like to know how I compare to the rest of "us" in how many shoes I own separating dance shoes from street shoes, keep so here goes with my run down:


I have maybe 3 pair of ballet slippers; one fairly small and needs donating




I had to do a little update on the list of ballet slippers. I was sewing elastics on 2 out of 3 new pair that arrived this week. These are ones I ordered to get a bit more room for the padding I have upgrqded to. I am keeping the 2 pair of Russian pointes that fit with less padding. One of them is mutilated on the inside from an attempt to glue in the insoles. The good ones could come in handy after more foot therapy. It is good for me to have a pair for experimenting on.

Meanwhile I counted another three pair in th drawer that need donating. I tried selling 2 on e-bay but they didn't go. I guess it is the unusual sizes 42A and 43 A in Grishko. The third is a Capezio Sculpture (10) that I thought fit in the store but.....they stretch, but they stretch back too.

Too bad there are not more girls with big feet at my school. I have already given the one other girl with big feet the ones I found too wide for me. I don't think she can wear A width though.

Oh and I think there is a pair of white leathers I may or may not be able to get into in my "theater" stuff drawer. Maybe they will end up in the donate pile too.

So that is 3 new, 3 donatable, 2 older, and the white....9 pair of slippers!


I have spent way too much money on all these.


The new ones include Capezio Cobras in that tannish pink color. I found them for $5 on the factory outlet site. They are different...maybe good for winter. I got pink canvas Juliets for my main shoes and some black "sculptures" in an 11 to see how they fit and to have some black in the wardrobe. They are gorgeous on my feet and the only thing that might bother me is the squeak of the leather on marley. I can try to dirty up the bottoms before going to class in them I guess. I think they would make great performance shoes...just in case....



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