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Seriously, How many shoes do we own?


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Interested in ordering a pair of Grishko flats. Any advice on sizing?



NY Dancewear is where I got mine. They claim to go by your street shoe size but they are Euro sized on the actual shoes. The salespeople have a conversion chart I assume.

I started with 42 for my smaller foot and have gone up to 43.5 for the same and 44 for the other...if it had been narrow enough. There seemed to be a big difference in size between the 43.5 and 44, but they were actually not the same exact style. My older ones were a discontinued style they had a few of on the shelf. The new ones may just run larger and wider. I gave up and looked at different brands in person at that point.

The 44 is supposed to equal a womens 12, the 43.5 an 11.5, and the 42 an 11 (but it felt more like a 10.5)

The fitters you get on the phone with NYDancewear are very helpful and sound like they have a wealth of knowledge to share.

I'd give it a shot. Those are very foot flattering shoes.



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Hahah I feel so alone.. I do not have any addictions about clothes or shoes.. so we are not counting the old ones, right? ok here we go


Dance shoes:

2 flats (one leather one canvas both black)

2 pair of pointe shoes (one still alive, one not broken in yet)


Street shoes:

1 p. thigh high boots

1 p. knee high boots

2 p. military boots (winter)

1 p. military boots (summer, its sides are made of canvas rest is leather) (my father is an officer lol)

1 p. nike sneakers

3 p. converses

1 p. flip-flops lol

2 p. high heel shoes (for my internship yikes..i dont like to wear them) that's it :wacko:

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i just finish my shoe count. i counted all the pairs of footwear i have, sneakers, boots, dance sneakers, ballet slippers. everything except socks. the results; 135 pair.



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I'm not much of a shoe-buyer. I have tried to buy shoes twice this past week, only to find that they didn't have the ones I wanted in my size (9.5-10). I think that's one of the reasons I've never gotten into buying shoes much--I have too much trouble finding my size and finding something that's comfortable.


That said, I did drop $100 today on a terrific pair of brown suede & leather boots with a good heel height. I look on boots as an investment--I have two pair of leather boots that I've been wearing for at least 10 years, and I've had them both resoled once. I figure this new pair will be the same--a classic I can wear for a long time.


Actually, I hate shopping for clothes in general. BUT--I walked by the Ralph Lauren department in the store the other day, and I would gladly buy every single thing I saw there!! And all those lovely wool skirts would go so well with my new boots!



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i just finish my shoe count. i counted all the pairs of footwear i have, sneakers, boots, dance sneakers, ballet slippers. everything except socks. the results; 135 pair.





Yeah baby that is a lotta shoes! I am not sure if you should win the prize here or be sent to the nearest support group. But of course here we are........


Spingirl, shoe shopping, even on line, has really been annoying to me lately too. I thought 11 Narrow was hard to find but even the ones who have that size may or may not have the 12 Narrow I need now. :shrug: Then there is the part where I want stylish shoes that don't hurt. Ha ha ha ha ha :shrug::lol::lol:



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Guest neo_genesis

I must confess, I'm addicted to shoes. It's gotten better over the years, since I've learned how to bugget myself. My street shoe collection is still HUGE. I'll try to list everything from memory, since I'm to lazy to check my closet. :sweating:


Dance Shoes:

- 3 pairs of ballet flats

- 1 pair of pointes

- 2 pairs of characters w/taps

- 1 pair of jazz sneakers

- 1 pair of student taps (my very first pair :D)

- 3 or 4 pairs of characters w/o taps


Street Shoes:

- 2 pairs of Chucks

- 2 pairs of Mary Janes

- 7 pairs of ballet flats

- 8 pairs of dress pumps

- 4 pairs of flip flops

- 2 pairs of clogs, one with heel

- 1 pair of hicking boots

- 2 pairs of running shoes

- 2 pairs of ankle boots

- 1 pair of granny styled boots

- 3 pairs of knee high boots

- 4 pairs of wedges

- 3 pairs of Roman styled sandles

- 6 pairs of heeled sandles

- 2 pairs of prom shoes that will never see the light of day again


I'm sure I've left something out. But trust me, it used to be a lot worse. I moved about a year ago and at the time I had two garbage bags worth of shoes that got donated.

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I've been avoiding this thread out of embarrassment because was sure I had more pairs than most people - but now I've read it, realise my shoe-buying habit is really modest. I'm going to print out a couple of posts (you know who you are!) to show my husband next time he teases me for buying another pair! My latest ones: red suede, round toed, high-heeled court shoes by Helen Bateman. Shoe lovers everywhere should check out her website!

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