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Sickling on my right foot


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I noticed last night when I was breaking my shoes in that on pointe my right foot is sickling. I tried tying my ribbons tighter, and winging my foot but, its not working. I tried to tie the draw string tighter because that is part of the problem I know and it wont go tighter.


Also I feel like my foot when it starts to sickle is going lop sided inside the shoe. I have had my shoes checked twice but, that was before the sickling started.


My next pre-pointe class is not untill next tuesday so I cant ask my teaher right away, so I would like it if I could just have some advice so over the weekend I can work on fixing my foot.


(my left foot is stronger than my right)



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If you're in pre-pointe class, what are you doing with pointe shoes now? Lopsided feet inside the shoes is usually a sign that the shoes are too narrow. As for the sickle, pull harder on the outside of the foot to correct a sickle in.

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