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Guest abbymariaaa32

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Guest abbymariaaa32

alrighty so I have class in a few days for the first time and my teacher requires a bun for class. However, theres a bit of a dilema in that I have really short hair that barely goes into a ponytail. She doesnt like ponytails though. I have a few headbands and bunch of bobby pins do you think that would be exceptable to pin my hair up and then for my shorter layers use the black headband? I have dark brown hair so its not a huge deal. But I digress, even other ideas for putting my hair up and off my face and shoulders would be awesome. Thanks.

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I have many friends who have this problem, however only two ideas actually worked.


The first idea was to have two buns, each on the corner of the head. the two sections of hair into ponytails, then twist them around and secure them with another hair band, as bobby pins are usually too big. This is* NOT* how you want your buns to look


If your hair is still too short for that, you can slick your hair back with a lot of hair gel and pin on a fake bun. Here is a fake bun.

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Or, for the old-fashioned look, wear the hair plastered down close the head and pinned, covered with a thick hairnet, and the edges held down with a turban or snood. Right out of The Red Shoes!

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one of my freinds has short hair and the same problem. she buys those fake clip on ponytail things and takes the clip off.you will be left with a big hairnet with the hair attached to it.try and make your hair into a ponytail and wrap the hair net around it and make a bun. i hope it helps!

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I have such short hair that I can't get the longest piece in a ponytail. My teachers told me I needed a bun and my response was "I don't dance with my hair." Now, don't get me wrong, if you are not friendly with your teacher and you think that he/she would get mad don't try this.


I would just make sure it is slicked back.

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