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Does anyone else have weird big toes?

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When I point my feet, all of my toes curve downward (without scrunching) except for the big toes, which curve upward. :blushing: They have a bit of a scooped appearance. I can get them to curve downwards, but only with a bit of scrunching. :blink:


While this isn't evident in ballet/pointe shoes, it's really starting to irritate me. :angry: Is this an anatomical flaw, or is it relatively common? I don't know anyone else with big toes like mine. Anyone else out there with this problem? Can anything be done to fix it? :shrug:





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For what it's worth, that's EXACTLY what my toes do. And the harder I try to point the big toe down, more "up" it goes. So if you hear of any exercises that help with that, please pass it on. Even though I'm no longer entertaining any delusions of ever going on pointe, it would make my pointed toe in other exercises look less goofy. . .

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That sounds like hallux limitus. Go to an orthopedist to see exactly what the problem is.

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Mr. Johnson, I looked up hallux limitus in some of my dad's medical books, and from what I've read about it and the pictures I've seen, I really doubt that I have it. I should have mentioned that the scooping appears not at the first metatarsophalangeal joint, but at the next joint- the one between (I think) the proximal and distal phalanges- (The joint below the toenail).


I have absolutely no pain, and to the best of my knowledge, my toes have always been like that. I have full flexibility (dorsiflexion-wise) at the "bunion" joint, and a very high relevé. Is it really necessary to see a doc? It's simply an aesthetic thing, it doesn't affect my dancing, and it doesn't show in my ballet flats or pointes. :shrug:


Kasaba- do you have pain, or just wonky toes like me? :wub:

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I don't have your problem -- but I have weird (I think) big toes.


On my left foot, I have the scrunching down you mentioned when I don't concentrate on pointing properly. However, the big toe is pointed correctly while the others are scrunched. I still have to concentrate to make sure the other toes are elongated.


However, I can point my big toes at 90º up from my foot [when I choose, on purpose]. In addition, on the right foot, I can cross my 2nd toe on top of the big toe (like crossing fingers).

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tcritte, are you sure we're not related? I have the same problem where my big toe pointes, but my little ones always seem to be knuckling. I do have short stubby toes. My ex-DD (at the moment) has the second toe that crosses over the big toe thing. She has longer toes like her father.

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Well, I seem to have wierd big toes at the moment. I have one pointing nice and straight at the last joint and the other is knuckling. I am guessing it is related to my recent bunion joint break on that side but I never actually studied that when examining my feet before. I will just have to keep checking it out while I work on getting full function back at the big joint.

Maybe I will show the doc tomorrow. I got a wake up call from their office this morning reminding me about my appointment. It is lucky I remember the call. I was still out cold when the phone rang.

I can't cross any of my toes. Sounds like a good trick, like double jointed stuff is.



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For what it’s worth a good friend of mine from a modern class has something similar. One day she was talking about her feet and mentioned it to me. She pointed her foot and low and behold the great toe arched upward while her remaining toes pointed nicely as you would ordinarily expect. No pain, no nothing, just what happens when she points her foot. Really weird. We joked about it and I would say that neither she nor anyone else seems to care. She is a very nice dancer nonetheless.

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Kasaba- do you have pain, or just wonky toes like me? :hyper:


Just wonky, no pain. I like to think of them as "Smiley Toes." :green: I wonder sometimes if they just have tight ligaments on top, so I stretch them under (in fact, I stretch the top of my whole foot and front of the ankle) several times a day. Maybe it will help???

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