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Open Auditions for Nutcracker

Guest afroballet01

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Guest afroballet01

I haven't done ballet in almost a year,but I am getting back into classes ASAP,and tomorrow the ballet company in my town is having open auditions.Should I go?If yes,what should I expect?It says for girls to bring pointe shoes,and I was on pointe last year,but only for a month,but I am in no way ready to go back on pointe any time soon,but I'm 15 and 5'4 so I can't audition or do any roles on pointe...

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I'm auditioning for Nutcracker in a couple weeks. While I haven't taken a break I've only been dancing for 2 years and might be on pointe soon and I'll be 16 in a couple months. I'm going to audition yes, to get a part but also to get experience auditioning in general. At the worst you get to be a mouse, but so what you have fun with it.

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I would go, even if you don't get in, just do it for the experience. I think the audition would probably just be like a normal class. I try not to think about getting in to the show, but more about doing my best. As for the pointe shoes I would do what you can in them and then take them off or if you can't do much more than pas de bourre, I wouldn't wear them at all. If the teacher says anything I would just say my ankles aren't strong enough to do that yet. Not getting your favorite role is better than pushing yourself too far and getting injured. Other than that, as my teachers always say, smile, stand in the front and know the combination because you might have to do it alone. Good luck and keep us updated!-SP239

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Yes, if you are willing to do the parts that are not on pointe, like mice, or maybe even a party parent, if you are a mature and tallish teen :shrug:

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I realize this advice may be a bit late, but I would tell you to go to the audition to get experience. You should take the audition as a regular class and try to get some practice in, every little bit of class time helps, you know.


Since you've only been on pointe for a month and it's been a year since you've been to any dance classes you shouldn't bring your pointe shoes. With that much of a break you'll have to basically relearn everything you've been taught in technique classes and on pointe already, so you're basically not ready for pointe. Plus, you really shouldn't get your hopes up on getting a role on pointe. Usually roles on pointe are reserved for the dancers in the highest level of training or Company members. Plus, with only a month of pointe your pretty much not ready for any roles on pointe at all.


So I think you should go to the audition and if you make it into the Nutcracker, that's great and if you don't then look on the bright side, at least you go a class out of it. Either way, you come out of the situation with more experience then before. Please, do keep us posted in on your situation :wub: .

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