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Guest BroadwayDiva8

I wondering if anybody knows anything about the Koresh Dance Company in Philadelphia, PA. I was looking at their website (koreshdance.org) and they have a bunch of open classes for adults that I was thinking about trying. Has anyone taken any classes there? I would appreciate any kind of information! Thanks

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My DD has taken some of their open classes. They are much more modern focused than she would have liked. If contemporary is your cup of tea, you might enjoy the classes. It was not what my DD was hoping for.

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My daughter takes open classes there when her regular school has down time. It's a good way to stay in shape- I think a couple of the techers are Russian and/or former PA Ballet dancers. No real pointe, so she will do center on pointe on occasion. As these are open classes, corrections tend to be general rather than specific. Koresh is a contemporary dance company, so ballet is not a priority.

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I took the intermediate level adult classes there last summer and really enjoyed them. Intermediate is actually their highest level, these are the classes that the company members take and I think the beginner level is not for absolute beginners. The teacher for most of the classes I took was a Russian man, who I felt gave a good class. You can pay for classes seperately so its easy to try out a class to see if it is what you're looking for!

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I have taken class with Roni Koresh, the founder of the company, and some of his company members (not at Koresh school. they were guest teachers at my school). I have enjoyed all of the classes, and they really get you to work differently with your body than ballet. I am not sure if company members teach at the school, but if they do, see if Eric Bean teaches a class. His classes are more jazz-oriented rather than modern, and it may be slightly easier for someone who does mostly ballet to adjust. Also, his classes are so much fun! :thumbsup:

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The classes there are really great, in my experience. The man at the desk is not very friendly, so I was a little put off at first, but Alexei's intermediate was challenging and fun. Modern Jazz (so far I've only taken with Eric) is AMAZING. Best 90 minutes of my week, lol. He is really charismatic, has fun music, and just teaches a fun class in general. I look forward to trying modern jazz with other teachers.

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