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Arms in pirouettes...


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At my SI this year, I got a correction that I can't seem to nail. Apparently, when I do pirouettes (sp?), my arms go down. Hard to explain, but, it's kind of like both my arms just start to drop during the turn. I've tried over and over with my friend there to tell me if they fell, but I can't seem to keep them up, and I don't even notice that I do it in the first place! I constantly feel that my arms look funny in first if they are too high becuase they are long. It all just very frustrating. Does anyone have any advice that might help? Thanks in advance!

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I had the same problem. My teacher told me that when I was doing a pirouette to put my arms at what felt like shoulder level. For me, what felt like should level was actually the correct placement. It felt very strange at first, but eventually, I got used to it. Good luck!

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For me I had to constantly think about it. I also have somewhat long arms so if its too high it just looks like wierd. Basically all I can say is you have to keep thinking about it until it's second nature. Or try doing preparation for pirouette and making sure that your arms are higher. Hope this helps

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VBTClara, first, practice just standing in the pirouette position with your arms in the CORRECT position. Then promenade en dehors in that position. Do these things repetitively until they become comfortable and and more "normal" to go there.


Secondly, who is control of your arms? :rolleyes: Yep, you are. Therefore, PUT them where they are supposed to go. But, the reason for the first answer above is that the body takes a while to understand where things are supposed to go. The brain gets it, the body doesn't. It takes repetition, repetition, repetition.


Once you think your body totally 'gets it', then practice it with relevé, then with relevé around the corner, and FINALLY, a pirouette. This is NOT an instant thing. Nothing in ballet is. Patience and perseverance are the key words, as usual. :blink:

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Yes just like many people here are saying, I have the same problem too. I constantly keep getting that correction but I am really trying hard to correct it. Even though it has been a little bit hard to adjust to, my teachers are seeming to notice my better turns, and I am guessing it is because of my better arm placement in the turn. Good luck with everything you do!!


star_reacher :innocent:

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Many of my friends have the same problem as you and what my teacher told them is that when they are turning they aren't engaging the muscles in their backs and that when they do they will find that their arms automatically go higher!!

hope this helped!!<3333

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