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Correct muscles?

Guest tutugirl

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Guest tutugirl

Hi everybody!

I'm 14 and I just had my first ballet class ever yesterday! I absolutely loved it and I'm begging my mom to let me take more classes (I'm only taking one right now).

My question is that when i practice it feels like the muscles in the back of my upper leg and the bottom of my bum are the most sore. I just wanted to make sure that I'm everything right and not using the wrong muscles to do the excersizes! I don't know the names of the excersizes yet but I can describe them if you need me to.


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Hello tutugirl, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :rolleyes:


Yes, the upper leg and derrière muscles should feel like they have been doing something different. However, I would suggest that you do not do much practicing, outside of perhaps floor stretching, until you have had enough training to totally know and understand what you are doing and why. Do try to get more than one class a week, though, as it is really almost imossible to get much progress with that short amount of time.

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Guest tutugirl

Okay! Thank you so much! I wanted to make sure i wasn't hurting myself!

I won't practice without I teacher and I will definitly try to get more classes! I just have to keep up with school and I play the flute also which adds to the load so if all goes well I get more classes! Yay!


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