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DVD/Videos: Margot Fonteyn

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Editor Patricia Foy

Video 1989 DVD 2001


Although I've found reviews here of both Fonteyn's autobiography and Daneman's biography, I have not found any mention of this video/DVD. Nor can I get a review on any of the sites such as amazon, ciao etc


Has anyone seen it?


If so, could you review it here?


I would like very much to buy this but as it is expensive and I can not find a single recommendation, I thought I would ask first.



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Dancebooks.co.uk stocks this DVD at 20 pounds sterling and this is what they write about it -


Margot Fonteyn, a portrait.


Published: 2001


Patricia Foy's famous documentary , narrated by Fonteyn, about her life and work, with archive film of many of her great roles and newsreel coverage of her life. Contributors include Sir Frederick Ashton, Dame Ninette de Valois, Sir Robert Helpmann, and Rudolf Nureyev.


You could try sending dancebooks an e-mail and asking them what they think about it - they are surprisingly honest in their reviews and extremely knowledgeable. I so miss their shop in the passage near Freeds in London, but they are still very accessible and will answer your e-mails if you contact them. They send off stuff very quickly and don't charge much. I always say if dancebooks doesn't have it - no-one has it!


By the way I believe I have this recorded somewhere. I'll try and find it and watch it again if I do.

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