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Desparate November phone calls


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After reading a post about Nu..... (It is still too early to say the N*******r word) Do you guys get those deparate phone calls about a production that needs men?


They typically occur about the 1st-2nd week of November, by then I have accepted one offer to dance and rejected many others.


The callers are desparate and rarely take no for an answer, they always call back a day or two later with answers to your objections. "....we can work around your schedule, we can have the performances when you are free, can you reschedule your surgery? yadda yadda yadda.


Feel free to post your crazy November requests.

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I got one place in Florida, that usually never knows if they are going to need me or not. So I end up on hold almost to the point of two weeks to almost late November.


Kinda stinks, but its money...

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